Monday, 18 July 2011

Brazil and Argentina, eliminated in the quarterfinals of Copa America

Weekend of surprises in the Copa America. The two top contenders for the title, Argentina and Brazil were eliminated in the quarterfinals at the hands of Uruguay and Paraguay. Venezuela was also a surprise stop en route to Chile.

Peru had already put the first installment of surprise elimination in the quarter to Colombia (which had a good first step). Then it was Uruguay who managed to twist the forecasts: the host team beat Argentina, who had played the last two finals of this tournament. Definition was in penalties after 90 minutes matched 1 to 1 with goals from Perez and Higuain. From the twelve-step all the players managed to turn Carlos Tevez except the top of which was contained by Muslera, who became the hero of the game.

Brazil suffered the same fate as Argentina. The tournament champion was eliminated on penalties by Paraguay after goalless draw in regulation. However, unlike the definition on penalties by Argentina and Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay was one where the errors were prevalent: the Brazilians failed to convert four penalties, while the Paraguayans miscarry two became two.

Finally, Venezuela stopped on the way to Chile after winning by 2 to 1 with goals from Vizcarrondo and Cichero. Suazo scored for Borghi.

With these results, Uruguay will face Paraguay Peru in the semifinals and will do the same to Venezuela.

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