Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bojan Krkic: start flying

bojankrkic14roma.jpg Looking back looking back and seeing what he thought about twelve months ago Bojan makes you realize how things can change in a certain time. Krkic one year ago nobody was discussing its continuity . Its season finale, which unseated crucial goals Ibrahimovic signed for Barcelona, ​​caused only a few discuss whether or not it was appropriate to continue to have the kid. The point is that Bojan went on to win the job based on goals and effort, often coming off the bench and becoming unexpected shake-up. Furthermore, although it remains an anecdotal, defied the curse of '9 ' since Guardiola directs the first team. Of course, could not break the trend of that now look back with smiles and happiness Alexis Sanchez.

Bojan goes to Rome, where he will wear the '14 'in honor of Cruyff and Henry. An entity in reconstruction, acquired by the billionaire nth loose, and it will have on Luis Enrique at his head visible on the bench . The Spaniard is precisely the key that will open the lock that seemed to close the door to Linyola. By active and passive always said his goal was to stay at his beloved club, which has been raised, which has qualms about making goals in all categories for which it has passed. But like any patience, Bojan has also had its limits. And probably far from what he branded his heart, has embarked on an adventure that would ask the head.

The season leaves behind Bojan is possibly one of the worst since his debut . If you only had minutes to major competitions, when I could get to be have been injured. And between whistles and flutes, has seen others like Pedro the right ahead of him in the plans of Guardiola, when his career seemed meteoric. The life that leaves will be unforgettable, but his dismissal, though bitter, it may not be a farewell, but a simple goodbye. There are two seasons he has to prove that he has left the nest to start flying. If so, the club, which has crossed 12 million, only to be paid over a -13 - to recount their services, keeping an ace up its sleeve in that case the Roma would like, should paid 28 kilos more.

Despite the nostalgia and sadness that enveloped his last press conference, Bojan has for many things: first, that only 21 years old and already knows what is being in a costume like that of Barcelona. The second, Luis Enrique has full confidence in their qualities. And third, that a change of pace, when the river water seems stagnant, never hurts. Or if not, just ask Piqué or now Cesc, he stumbled on the first Manchester Zaragoza and returned to be a crack. And a second walk way of repeating history. Bojan leaves, to provide this kind of leave, has come from pearls. Otherwise, the pearl will not be bright enough.

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