Monday, 4 July 2011

Adebayor: an hour to find team

Ficharé not by anyone at Real Madrid will wait until eleven o'clock the night of August 31 "
Emmanuel Adebayor , who plays for Real Madrid

The sports daily Marca on Saturday published an interesting interview with Emmanuel Adebayor in which he declared his love for Real Madrid, which came at the end of January but no doubt branded as "the best of my life." Monaco Ni, Ni Arsenal, let alone, Manchester City . Togolese striker to bolting which has marked all of Chamartin. Something, however, seems to be reciprocal.

'Manolo', as we affectionately have nicknamed him at the Bernabeu, he landed as an emergency solution to the demands of Jose Mourinho, who was then counted on the payroll of rams with an injured Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema that in the absence of Argentine not only took his chance, but threw the bidet. It was with the arrival of Adebayor when Benzema awoke from their lethargy, but did not have confidence Mou, it was a substitute in the most significant games, such as the Cup final

The one who took minutes at the meeting was Adebayor, who did the job and participated in the final victory white. On loan, Real Madrid would take half of your data (4.4 kilos) and have an option to purchase valued at 17, not bad considering that the owners of the City had cost 30 million out Arsenal. With bad-boy reputation, was removed from the Citizens for standing up to their coach, Roberto Mancini, and do so earlier with his partner Kolo Toure.

Real Madrid was in need of strikers, but Jorge Valdano, now swelling the unemployment rolls, did not believe it appropriate and Adebayor was responsible for signing eight in five months, five of them in the domestic championship. Apparently, not enough for Mourinho, as Real Madrid has not only lifted a finger to enforce the purchase option, but has turned a deaf ear to the prayers of Adebayor, who has even offered to lower the ground with such follow in the capital and not return to a City where he knows that neither fit nor will (already has Ballotelli, Tevez, Dzeko ...).

In particular, seeing the shortcomings in attack that has Mou and knowing his will to have three forwards on the team level, would have Adebayor. During his stay has not been heard, has had no fights, has adapted and has scored important goals. Maybe not risk to pay what they ask the City for their services, but seeing the whole of Manchester casualty may ask for another assignment, this time a year, would not be unreasonable.

"No ficharé by anyone, I'll wait until eleven o'clock the night of August 31. Mourinho said he would do everything he could for me to return to Madrid, "has not hesitated to insure. If it is true that Mourinho has said that, no one doubts that Adebayor continue wearing white. However, I do not know why I see it 31 August at 23:00 hours, seeking a destination far from Manchester, and unfortunately for him, Madrid.

In NDF | The Headhunters: Adebayor, the ace up the sleeve of Wenger (2008)

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