Sunday, 17 July 2011

2011 Copa America: Uruguay Argentina eliminated, and the semifinals will be in Peru

The party more vibrant than we played in Copa America 2011, served to eliminate the host Uruguay, Argentina, after the epic cumulative expulsion, post trips, overtime and eventually the shootout. A course in which Muslera, Uruguayan goalkeeper, capped off his excellent performance throughout the game, stopping the firing of Tevez, the player the fans favorite Argentina.

Uruguay went ahead after 5 minutes, when Diego Perez drove to the net a clearing Romero. That goal was the first sign of what he had to beat Uruguay to do: take advantage of set pieces. Each free-kick into the public's heart shrank from Santa Fe, and the central couple formed by Milito and Burdisso, not only to waters in defending, but also unnecessary fouls committed by inviting the Uruguayan team to create new opportunities goal.

However, Argentina was able to react, and accurate to the heart center of the area Messi, Higuain managed to head the equalizer. The partnership formed by players of Madrid and Barcelona was the best of a selection that while Argentina was stronger than in parts of Bolivia and Colombia, did not reach the level of their performance against Costa Rica. And, obviously, Uruguay is a set considerably higher, conscious of his virtues and his faults, he knows the first and camouflage to enhance the latter.

They showed from the minute 38, when the very first goal scorer, Diego Perez, went outside for a second yellow. An expulsion is wearing masks from the first minute, and indeed long in coming given the disproportionate number of kicks left and right handed. But as we said, the expulsion was not noted in the ranks Charruas, who knew in their new tactics coupled with an extraordinary generosity in aid, accompanied by a tremendous sacrifice and struggle, Batista prevented the advantage of a superiority which they vanish in 83 double yellow Mascherano.

Uruguay showed that although it has better players, if forms a better block than Argentina. A large Batista left his post, and while the changes in the team from the clash with Costa Rica, the team improved, continues to show a inconsistencies difficult to understand. The largest of these is the position of Di Maria, a pure end that needs to be glued to the lime, and lost in the wheel work on the inside. Meanwhile, put the shoe-Kun Agüero on the left flank, the position in which Di Maria shine. Is the problem of wanting to get on the pitch more artillery than necessary. The sum of individuals that may help you shine in Costa Rica, giving all the facilities in the world, but when there is a good block in front, with a good network defensive deficiencies begin to appear. The dream is over Argentine champion crowned before his home crowd.

Peru was the surprise of the day by eliminating Colombia

In the other match of the day, Peru got a fantastic 2-0 victory over Colombia, which gives them a historic pass to the semifinals. Two goals scored in overtime, the first when Lobaton took a bad start for Martinez's highest good, and the second with an excellent definition of Vargas, Colombian catching the whole dump for an equalizer.

Peruvian somewhat surprising victory. Personally, was Colombia, with permission from Chile, the selection that I liked more so far this Copa America. However, last night his stars were at odds with the goal. Falcao himself missed a penalty in minute 60, and both Guarín Dayro Moreno met on several occasions with the pole.

Peru, with the help of his coach Markarian, known to counteract their lower-quality individual with a tremendous sacrifice and defensive work. After 14 years, is back in the semifinals of Copa America, where the tenrto do with Uruguay.

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