Sunday, 3 July 2011

2011 Copa America: Colombia starts with right foot

Although the media attention the Copan Argentina's Leo Messi, who succumbed in his first attempt at the title , and Brazil Neymar and company, there are other selections, as in every tournament of its kind that price, are willing to assault for a throne to 'the usual'. Bolivia demonstrated that in a few pools and betting entered, managed to tie to the albiceleste, but in the same group is that after the first day takes the lead: Colombia. The coffee set victory began with his participation in the Copa America, beating Costa Rica by the minimum (1-0), making its best attacking football.

Colombia has in its call for a cast of experienced players, many top players in European teams, and can be, if your coach is able to fit the pieces, one of the surprises of the tournament. It is still early to say anything categorically, but the truth is that with men of great talent and to repeat the success of 2001 when they first attained 'his' America's Cup, was played in Colombia is not seeing the bold thinking questions the apparent favorites.

Mario Yepes, Luis Perea, Freddy Guarin, Abel Aguilar, Radamel Falcao, Hugo Rodallega or Adrian Ramos a list of players are more familiar to the general public and in his debut at the young Costa Rica, contesting this competition with their sub'20 after the 'older' were playing the Gold Cup CONCACAF signed the only goal of the team led by Hernan Dario Gomez. The 'Bolillo' put all eggs in one basket and his players did not disappoint, with no good result came up short after seeing the countless times that created the Colombians.

The crash also marked an ugly entry on Perea Brenes Costa Rican striker. So unnecessary and beast as his companions left short-handed without having played even half an hour. Viewing calico, removed a man from midfield to let Rodallega and thus pave the way to victory, which seemed stuck. Wigan striker did not find the goal, although it did so was Adrian Ramos, who after a good pass Moreira pulled away and put you in the end be the only goal of the game.

Thus in the end the Costa Rican goalkeeper took part representing the Copa America for, among the passivity of their defenses, stop everything you put in front. Falcao, the powder wet, slammed a ball against the crossbar but no regrets. Colombia now leads Group A. Next up, Argentina, will serve to catalog the real possibilities of coffee.

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