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Dona Teresa takes off mask

Dona Teresa Rivero, president of Rayo Vallecano, also known as "Women of Ruiz-Mateos," has never been my cup of tea. In fact, comes to belong to my club to the Football Harmful personage since its founding, other distinguished members are Villar, Lopera, Mendoza, Gil Laporta or family to complete. I have never relied on his ability to lead a club like Ray, and I've always been quite clear that within the institution is little more than a puppet, but inoperative visible face of an organization that actually lead some of their children .

If ever had a chance to interview her, start giving him a blackboard and a pen and ask him to explain me the offside rule. Not because she is a woman, nothing to do, it's just that every time I hear it, I have more clear that football knows what I aeronautical engineering. Talk football and I can talk of a concert of classical music: I liked "I did not like, amused me-me bored, etc, but do not ask me to flesh, I will not be able to leave the world of topicazos, which it inevitably draws in every one of his speeches as president rayista.

As we all know, the Ruiz-Mateos (-Rivero) is again stuck in a financial scandal, have recently been forced to suspend payments to the top ten companies that make New Rumasa. These economic problems have affected totally Ray and their employees, but not now, but it has since long ago. Tired of living a state of doubt and uncertainty, the first team players the club decided to express his discomfort Vallecano a week ago. The procedure chosen was the captain of the workforce, the veteran Jose Maria Movilla, came into the microphones of the crossbar of the Cadena SER to express the point of view of the players. The chosen platform is not trivial, because Jose Ramon De la Morena interest has always treated kindly on this type of character, Jesus Gil is a clear example of this-and, in particular, every so often makes a quick call to Mrs. Teresa to falter a bit with it, then, is not suspected of hostility to the owners of the Puddings Emporium.

I clarify this because when the supernumerary called to intervene in the program, did not stop mourn for how bad they are treating the media to his family, accusing them of conspiring to sink New Rumasa and blah, blah, blah ...: 'The Rail 'is not suspicious behavior. More to the point: the hypocritical behavior of Dona Teresa cacique.

The intervention of the President Vallecas revolved around two points, which he repeated like a mantra, as he often does anyone who knows that he is right. The first is that Movilla criticized for not staying silent, "What you talking on the radio?" I snapped was not idle. I wonder how many hours did you work in your life Doña Teresa-raising so many children apart, which is entirely respectable and worthy of consideration, it must be said, because it seems they do not understand what is working and not charging, not forgetting the right of every worker to demand that fulfill the promise of his contract, or forget what freedom means of expression.

The second column of his desperate speech was based on a lie to say that the players take one year without charge. True, had not yet completed the year, but the moment it started to fail, the issue of payment was eleven months. Doña Teresa lied like a Cossack, beginning his performance by saying that the players had become religiously without fail . Then we began to talk of notes and other stories and, finally, finally recognizing that in recent months had struggled to meet payments on the cards ... This, as expected, with continual reference to the reputation of what a wonderful husband and the family and the number of jobs generated in the two sunken ships.

Movilla the good bit his tongue a great time, because among the niceties of Ms. Rivero was no lack references and personal attacks the captain and spokesman for u / m em> team. Sought to challenge his president, saying that she knew was not true that they had no trouble collecting, but there was no god who made out to Mrs. Teresa swirl of nonsense which she maintained to prevent could discuss the merits as adults and responsible people. Movilla Seeing that his hands were tied, because it meant something then regretted because it could prejudice the interests of their peers, Luis Gil, manager of the AFE, decided to call the program and ask to be allowed to intervene.

Of Morena answered the call and introduced to Gil in the conversation, a fact which angered Doña Teresa because the time to speak, the manager of the AFE gave reason to Movilla in relation to payment problems had begun eleven months ago and claimed to have documents that prove this allegation by offering them available to the host of the program to certify the reality of the situation. It is undeniable that Rayo Vallecano not hard to meet the contracts of its workers. Without going any further, the referee who officiated this weekend Rayo Vallecano B-Conquense (Segunda B Group I) was forced to include in the record a comment in which he reported to his school had not received the payment by arbitration because, as the club had nothing to pay as agreed. (Article 80 of the disciplinary code of the RFEF includes four non-payment of fees for arbitrators is punishable by expulsion from the competition).

The last chapter of this unpleasant story happened after the game the Lightning played this weekend. Following the 4-1 defeat at the hands of Huesca , Dona Teresa abroncar down to the locker room for his players. She has denied the end of calling them "crooks", as stated in other media, but in the middle break of the match was dispatched at ease before the microphones of Canal +, saying of his players that "do not seem to want to raise," charges that "they are doing very badly" and afearles who have "lost confidence" in the Ruiz-Mateos. The irony is that the Marquesa Consort of Olivier came to the stage of El Alcoraz around minute 30!, Which could barely see a quarter of an hour of it before you throw up snakes before the television cameras.

Dona Teresa's despair is that at this point is perfectly aware that the only chance for his family to meet the expenses of the club and meet its contractual obligations, is because the Lightning made it to the First Division, where he would play a piece of cake television income considerably greater than they perceive to be in the Liga Adelante. So ignorant of the workings of the collective mind, ignorant of what is working and not getting paid for it, the President does not think of anything else as to attack staff, lied more pressure than they already have and trying them in the eye of the hurricane, which is where he is, deservedly, his family. What do you mean? What players to play at 100% and was careful not to fall injuries? Who dares to criticize a worker to ensure their health rather than for their company when it does not pay and because of the situation it has nothing summer clear whether the beans will have to look elsewhere ?

Although Doña Teresa presumed to follow strictly the principles of Catholicism, it seems that among its virtues are not that of being a sympathetic and indulgent. Quite the contrary: the mask is removed and has shown us, if someone you had any doubt, one of the last examples of the worst kind of despotism that has so damaged this country since time immemorial. I'd love to return to first Rayo Vallecano. It has always been a team I love and interest aroused, and how could it be otherwise, I sympathize with the situation of the players, who wish them well. Not so with the Ruiz-Mateos (-Rivero).

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More Information |ernotdep/20110225csrcsrdep_4/Aes / "> Excerpt from 'The Rail' of the Cadena SER, with discussion between Doña Teresa, Movilla and the manager of the AFE

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