Monday, 28 February 2011

Xavi returned to training

barcelona xavi hernandez

After being low and not take part in the last game against Mallorca, Xavi Hernandez has returned to training today and it shows retrieved to address the next meeting. The hamstring injury suffered by the soleus of the left leg sidelined him for a short period, but to the relief of fans FC Barcelona player has already returned to activity.

The Barcelona has worked with all his colleagues and is now available Guardiola technician for the next meeting to be played in Mestalla against Valencia on Wednesday after 22 hours. Also Jeffren Suarez took over the actions and is ready for the next League game.

xavi hernandez

On the other hand, were still working were differentially Puyol and Victor Valdes to his injuries the group standing on the sidelines doing nothing more years of recovery, something that will last about a week. One of the surprises of training today was seeing the logo of the government of Qatar in casaquilla Barca, which was then passed into the Barca box.

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