Friday, 4 February 2011

The Wizard of Oz

Mesut Özil

He became known to the world in the best possible scenario: a World Cup. Highlighting in South Africa and in the Bundesliga with Schalke 04 and T-Werder Bremen arrived late with doubts about what their hiring needs without the bombast of other engagements featuring Real Madrid. But with hardly a sound, this often Ottoman German origin, looking shy but saucy in the field, open its way through its football and its quality: Mesut Özil.

In times where the muscle prevails, the talent is hiding in corners to pray more and more inaccessible. Players noted for their strength, speed or endurance are gradually more frequent in onces and it's getting harder to find in a pitch pure talent, and that precisely is the greatest weapon of Özil.

The Real Madrid player has a wide range of passes, and what resources it needed a player: practicality. It is difficult to see the former Werder Bremen lose a ball and its strange to see an action that makes sense and intent to make a dent in the opposition. The gallery is relegated. It is also a very good player looking for space and that is always the best place you can get the ball. As if the Wizard of Oz is concerned, the German football team gave against Sevilla on Wednesday the head, heart and courage to reach the final of the Copa del Rey.

Being a player in some bars may be unnoticed, his appearances are often relevant in the form of combination, and even assistance goal. Mourinho is very clear the importance of Özil in his scheme and acquires German paper between the lines forming the vertex linking midfield with attack. Kaka's recovery has not disturbed the Germany international on a computer that has the weapons in the backlash, the speed and biting and where Özil gives pause, head up and creativity.

With 22 years leads with Müller, who plays for Bayern, the new generation of German talent has already made a big role in the World Cup and looks set to give a lot of joy to the Mannschaft in the coming years. In his first experience outside the German league and a European giant like Madrid, where the pressure required in the shadow of other players who account for more covers and outside the inordinate praise is meeting the expectations surrounding his signing , growing step by step and having a wide age range improvement.

Own a difficult position in which many players have appeared in recent years with mixed success at the Bernabeu are surely aware of the future and progression of your player. For if Özil continues down the road of yellow brick is a reference in the coming years.

Photo | Jan S0L0

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