Thursday, 10 February 2011

What if I get an athletic revolution?


Changes ahead in the ever shifting soils of the Ribera del Manzanares, and do not just mean the transfer to the comb. This unfortunate season for Atletico Madrid's patience is running many Atletico fans who, after holding two European titles after years of drought, are they really all it was a mirage and the sports project of the organization headed by Enrique Cerezo follows drift. Honestly say I do not know who to shoot directly from afar because you have no certainty, but lost in speculation. But what is clear is that the club's transfer policy does not give good results.

Whether Atletico last season won the Europa League and opened this season beating Inter Milan in the European Super Cup, the Atletico fans still living an identity crisis. Without further aspirations at this point to go as the Europa League, if you do, probably by the back door, the athletic live in the middle of nowhere. And is that not enough effort to guarantee the policy to retain the Kun Aguero and Diego Forlan these years, it is much more frustrating than not succeeded in building a competitive on this basis of unquestionable quality. To top it off, see how the team apart little by little, first left and mid-course Jurado, Simao, and spare parts (Elias and Juanfran) are no guarantees.

The mattress live in daily fear of losing their star, came at the time with Fernando Torres and now, with the Argentinian star. They know that things are going well and increasingly less openly, many point to their bosses as guilty. Basically, even without demanding responsibilities, calling the progress of Miguel Angel Gil Marin, and the output of Garcia Pitarch of sports management, said Cherry, a voice that is inappropriate use of reporter who is a puppet of the former.

'A's for Change'

However, as unifying the discordant voices with the club's current situation is born an initiative called 'A's for Change' , a project which aims to return to Atletico Madrid to be owned by its members and subscribers and leave as Current corporate. To do so, according to sources involved in the project hope the new Company Law Sports, which will handle the upcoming Congress, become the way to open this possibility. However, the legal team that pulls the strings of deck movement also other formulas.

It is a revolution that will attempt to talk, I have no doubt, "that emerges from this general discontent and whose principal heads visible Vicente Calderon (son of the iconic president of Atletico) and Gabriel Camus (former spokesman for the Popular Party Congress), among a number of prominent people: professors, corporate executives, former politicians and heirs of important people in the history of Atletico. The claim is supported by signatures and athletes who want a change whose bases, informatively still embryonic, try to break down not only in this post but in future posts through direct contact with those involved in the initiative.

The platform has posted a manifesto on its website where, after a brief review of the history of the club, it discusses several points of interest:
1. With the coming of Jesus Gil, "Atletico stopped being a sports club owned by its members to become a family business, serving the interests and whims of the same."

2. With the conversion into a corporation (1992), "the buyers were left with the club for free, as well upheld the ruling of the Supreme Court in June 2004, he described the purchase as a crime of misappropriation. As the current owners are illegitimate origin. "

3. "Under the leadership of Miguel Angel Gil, Atletico has finally become an agency for buying and selling of players." Benefit most, "some agents and coiinsa &82;

4. The document speaks of a debt "around 400 million euros", which may not be relieved by the sale of the Vicente Calderon, because with it "has not received even a single euro of surplus value."

5. Waiver to compete with the big clubs for TV rights, accepting that "Real Madrid and Barcelona income four times."

The letter refers to "the power of spontaneous social movements" to educate the fans about how important it is to struggle to "democratize" Atletico Madrid, as well as the power of digital communication. Moreover, considered as important demonstrations of love that is able to stop even the sale of certain players: "In July, our best players will be placed on the market, taking advantage of the fans are on vacation." As I say, is a movement with a revolutionary air that must be borne in mind. Atletico Madrid live a puzzling historical cycle, and given the strength of their membership, from Football Notes will be attentive to the evolution of this initiative.

PS. I thank Sergio Medina, another of the men who lead this project, his kindness and availability at the time of any details.
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