Thursday, 10 February 2011

We stayed with the cause

The Spanish know how to win a friendly match after winning the World Cup. With the star on his coat, was tied for Mexico (1-1) and lost to Argentina (4-1) and Portugal (4-0), but Wednesday night was imposed on Colombia for the minimum with a goal last of Silva. The highlight of the match at Santiago Bernabeu is precisely the reason that he hid because of box-office receipts and television broadcasting collected will be used to provide defibrillators to all fields of the Second Division B (as my colleague Bruno Sanxurxo fully explained in this post).

For football, soccer what is said, the night was short. Dull game between two teams that do not play the same. Spain makes memory while Colombia is under construction and for its members every game is a serious casting. Yesterday, well wrapped in the stands with thousands of compatriots, were used to fund and put up resistance to prevent the Red will make a hole. It is true that Spain was not at the level we are accustomed in recent times, but it's understandable. Lacked intensity and speed of movement of the ball and Colombia took advantage of its many inaccuracies, at least to create some danger on the counterattack. As strange part was that Casillas, either in the paper, suddenly had to save the furniture and prevent a goal from Abel Aguilar on one occasion caused a fumble by Xavi! Near the area.

Spain's best chance of the match came around to the quarter hour when David Villa was unable to take advantage of a great pass from Iniesta to beat Ospina. His first shot crashed into the left post and then into the empty net, again missing a goal that had been sung its forty-fifth at the national spring. That could not be dethroned as top scorer Raul just pick at the Bernabeu. And Villa were left without their prize. The greatest difficulty for the coffee was to cover areas of the field in which suddenly appeared menacing Iniesta, and that of Fuentealbilla always manages to stand out, even in a slow and listless game like last night. Based only on faults could stop him. In the second half, being replaced was a new ovation and his name resounded Chamartín.

There were occasions but little danger came from Colombian feet. Before the break Guarín tried his luck with an attempt remote and in a more serious warning, Armero was near the goal after a fine solo run but Casillas put his hand so subtly that no referee saw the corner. After the break, in addition to the offensive inefficiency, the Spanish errors were many and some serious. Clueless and turnovers Piqué, Albiol, Ramos, Arbeloa ... that could have cost the defeat to group led by Vicente del Bosque. Colombia did not happen because you miss the goal, tried Square, that was selfish, and he returned to Guarín to test Casillas with a whiplash far. Rodallega was the one who came closest to beating the goalkeeper mostoleño and near the end, after 83 minutes but his shot went off the outer side of the net.

Ten minutes before the match had begun to nonsense. And it would have bet on Colombia that profited from it but after the attempted willful men 'Bolillo' Gomez, hit three of Spanish short people to make the game's only goal, with four minutes to end of regulation. Three who had left the bench in the second half: Cazorla off to the right for Jesus Navas, Silva appears that centers and at the near post to put the toe and make his eleventh goal with the Red, that of an expected victory although yesterday deserved no more than, for example, in Argentina, where, however, fell with a crash.

In the discount, Llorente could extend the distance but also Rodallega came close to a draw after a careless Piqué. In addition, there were some 'olés' the public, yesterday unjustified. It is not a party to draw conclusions, especially when you consider the enormous physical strain which is felt by the majority of hospitalizations Spanish. It is obvious that these concepts are handled football and isClearly there are alternatives, but defensively the team is showing signs of insecurity. On the other hand, Fernando Torres, who yesterday enjoyed a few minutes, will be difficult to enter a team in which, little by little, Llorente wins integers as a second option to the forefront. Merits of each.

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