Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valencia, Schalke 04 (1-1) spoiled the night Raúl Mestalla

Raúl González showed last night that has not lost his scoring. He returned to Spain to mark and, incidentally, spoil the night for Valencia, which was superior to Schalke 04 for several minutes but due to Madrid's goal is required, first, to score at the Veltins-Arena in the second leg the round of the Champions. The feeling that makes the shock is that all che could and should have killed the game and the tie on track. The Germans, although based resisted tough game, were for many minutes on the ropes but failed Unai Emery Sticking to Felix Magath and ended up paying dearly. It is what it is to lose sight of even a moment to Raul, a special player, well known, to which a play is enough to put everything upside down.

Valencia jumped into the field full of intensity but it was Huntelaar who had the first big chance of the game (min 9). The Dutch striker was right not to shoot a ball that fell at his feet after a corner. The truth is that, despite local pressure-based trivote Topal-Tino Costa-Banega-paid off, the miners were able to carry an air of danger in certain actions to the goal of Guaita, a young goalkeeper that Last year was a great role in the Recreation and again last night together some good performances at the Mestalla. After this first shock came soldier to advance to Valencia and to convince their fans that would be a night round. Mathieu, very active throughout the match, he retired exhausted in the second half, crossed from the left and the Valencia striker was ahead of the central and Neuer to make 1-0 (M.17). It is the Soldier's sixth goal in six Champions League games.

Pressed much and how well the team Turia capital coming into the attack almost by inertia, with Mehmet Topal recovering very high balls and Tino Costa toned. Still, Guaita had to intervene to prevent the tie, again after a corner kick this time topped by Kluge (m.26). He put a hand on the Torrent really good to push the ball against the crossbar and prevent the German goal. Before the break, Valencia midfielders tried from distance but again it was closer soldier who had the second shot wide after a precise cross from the right by Miguel (m.30). Also, and Domínguez Chori Aduriz had their chances.

And if it came out more plugged in Valencia after the break, with three plays that were close to ending in a goal. Banega, who was first with a center shot grazed the second (m.48)-to what Raul responded immediately and did work Guaita. Then it was Mathieu-great night of French-side with another school that walked the ball past the goalkeeper Neuer (m.52). And third, a minute later, was manufactured by attack combinative a good move which ended in the hands of German goalkeeper after passing Aduriz boots. He was not singing the Basque striker. The work of Tino Costa in midfield is critical for Emery: the Argentine band, conducts and plays his first touch, vent to your computer and when it deems necessary, looking moves in length. Not to mention his powerful shot from long distance.

But we have said, appeared to save Schalke Raúl. In part, because the Germans did not give up its efforts to bullying Valencia. Hit without the ball and they believed it would end up falling at the feet of his great respect. Two Spanish produced the play of the draw (m.64), as was former athletic Jury, who from the left went to Raul, who walked more attentive than the central and crossed the ball beautifully to send to the network. The tie left both quite groggy to Valencia, which lowered the bill as it passed at the great physical waste ever done before. And that automatically Emery moved the bench and opted for the band, bringing in Vicente and Joaquin and Banega retiring and Dominguez. But it was not the solution.

With the passage of minutes, the Schalke seemed able to give the stroke while Valencia balloons clung to less and less sense. Vincent developed a time with a great through ball to Aduriz but he sent the balnatlto (m.78). Four minutes later, another ball visitor walks through the area without finding auctioneer. And meanwhile, Schalke continued to defend on the basis of continuous faults and throwing balls up to Farfan, Raul in the discount was found but did not take a gift from goalkeeper che-o Draxler. Another point that was of Valencia was liársela Chinese Hao Junmin, which was used right out seriously Guaita (m.91). The Spanish tried to stand up to the final ball and Schalke stayed with a man down due to the expulsion of Schmitz, who will not play back. Is resolved mainly in Germany but in Mestalla Valencia clearly deserved the victory.

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