Sunday, 27 February 2011

Three killers, three goals, seven points

FC Barcelona had returned to winning ways last week after a tough home game against Athletic Club , so they approached the match he played last night at the Iberostar Stadium against RCD Mallorca without the nagging pressure of a day ago. But on the other hand, he had the difficulty in addressing a party with low Xavi, Alves, Puyol and Valdes. There was the precedent of the first round, when in fact yielded a tie in the Nou Camp against vermilion in a match that did not attend the first two. The four casualties were, except for Messi, the most important proof is that the wearer of the bracelet was Iniesta, fourth captain Blaugrana.

Michael Laudrup posed a 4-2-3-1 with Marti and Victor as pivots and being supported in the work of the spinal cord after Nsue and De Guzman, who ran everything he could to help push up and back when the first lines were overcome. Although midway through the first time the club had accumulated a holding above 70%, good work pressure Mallorca made the match was not much less dominated by the visitors, the absences of Xavi and Alves take away two of their strongholds in the play the ball out. At 37 minutes Barca had only released once a door (three of Mallorca), with a stray shot from Keita. But then the Blaugrana ligated a quick move and the Malian first touch took the opportunity to spread the spirit of Laudrup and put a ball crushed to the Argentine star Messi to the network sent him two strokes behind his head, one as control-oriented and the other to stick a Vaseline to Aouate.

The goal was a jug of cold water for Mallorca, which saw the club put their heels on the first occasion for real. After the break began appearing Iniesta. In the first half could not find his site by serving as Xavi, but in the second half with vermilion lines that do not meet, became the director of the game ubiquitous Blaugrana. At eleven minutes, Villa scored the second goal, which is a very elaborate displays of their movements which is Guardiola's team, Peter and Messi delay their positions at once, dragging with them the position and, above all, attention local defense, creating a space for Villa would launch a perfect saw uncheck Busquets, who only needs to start to dominate the square and bevel to be the most complete midfielder I've ever seen a server.

If there was any doubt about the course that had taken the meeting, Peter was responsible end to the history with a tremendous goal by folha dry. Last night was the third occasion in which the attacking trio Blaugrana, which is being called MVP, marks in one game in this league, they had done against Getafe and Deportivo. Dive into the sea of statistics: between Messi (26), Villa (17) and Pedro (13) added 56 goals, more than any team in the Liga, including Madrid, which among all staff and added a less- if we go to the overall calculation of the season, has going for 83, 42 Argentina, 21 the Spaniard and 20 the canary. Has lost only seven of the 75 points played, scoring 76 goals (more than three per game) and receiving only 13 (just over half of 0.5). Take 21 goals more than second-placed and fold the third-placed Valencia, who is 38, though it lacks to play the game this afternoon. And is that Messi has more goals only nine teams in the league, for example, entered the game tied in goals last night with all the Mallorca ... -.

With the sting of Madrid in Riazor, again the advantage of seven points, which are virtually eight how hard it will be the meringues to overcome the goal average. The numbers in this team are higher than the year or even triple those of last year, which ended up setting a record of 99 points: at this stage last season was 62 points. And keep an eye on visitor numbers as: eleven wins, one tie, no defeats, 40 goals for and 5 against. The data and push sensations think tendríaqecmirmcoer much the outlook for that Barca did not win his third consecutive title. For his part, Mallorca continues the losing streak that has led him to reap just 4 of the last 21 points, and begins to move away from the positions they are entitled to play in Europe.

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