Saturday, 12 February 2011

Survey: what foreign teams sympathize?

Reading the comments from readers I have discovered with great interest that many of you simpatizáis with foreign clubs, so much so that in some cases are of this team ahead than your city of origin or any other Spanish team. But the truth is that everyone, even less so than those cited above, befriended a league club we follow.

The reasons why we wear the scarf and foreign clubs are mixed. Can be for a player who we fell in love with children - how many will have been made by Bergkamp Arsenal or neroazzurri by Roberto Baggio? - A great match to remember in a special way, for a way to play attractive ... we may even not we ourselves are able to explain where did our love for a particular computer, happens to me in basketball with Joventut, can not remember why I made the Penya, but sympathize with them since childhood.

So with this survey we suggest you to vote for the teams that you like and also if you have any funny story not hesitate to share it with everyone in the comments. To complete a little experiment that I propose pseudosociológico, we'd like to know how many of you the Madrid or Barca are your first system or, conversely, are of any other club first. And finally, all that you choose the option of "Neither the Madrid and Barca are my first team, we ask if we contéis simpatizáis by one of them as a second option after your favorite. Voting is open until 12:00 pm on Tuesday Oct. 15.

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