Friday, 4 February 2011

The Spain-Colombia will be used to provide defibrillators to all areas of Second B

bannerespanaafe.jpeg Football In Letters have been following with great interest every step of Luis Rubiales and the new Board of Directors of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE). At the time we celebrate his arrival at the players' union leadership , understanding that, after many years of AFE was headed by a puppet of the LFP and the RFEF, Spanish football officials needed to address the problems and real needs footballers. And is that underneath that is the elite minority, the majority of workers are soccer with so many problems as any Spanish work environment.

The new leadership of SLA has focused much of its efforts to improve the situation of the players at lower levels, these workers Segunda B and Third whose reality has nothing to do with the elite First. In this regard recently organized an excellent initiative to support the players without a team, called Days AFE, which is the implementation of mergers involving the players without a contract so they can be seen by scouts that they may end up offering a second chance . (I sing the mea culpa for not talking of the project at the time).

The new good news is the recovery of annual friendly selection for the union of players, a good old custom which took four years for no reason forgotten by Gerardo Gonzalez Movilla incompetent, the former president of the AFE. Part of the proceeds of the friendly match between Spain and Colombia , both box office and television broadcasting, will be invested in equipping all fields Segunda B with a defibrillator equipment to meet the emergency cardiac in nature may occur at facilities question.

After a few weeks all fields Segunda B have a defibrillator and its benefits go far beyond what may at first seem. For example, the Mountaineers, a team that has achieved modest Coruña incredible mash to reach Segunda B plays its games at the Sports Complex Elviña, a field that barely holds 1,500 people but where they play hundreds and hundreds of children each week Coruña . And they will also be protected if something terrible were to happen to them.

Once all pecuniary needs of this project, the remaining income for the AFE will continue to advance their plans to improve the most humble football. In this sense expressed by Luis Rubiales:

We are pleased that the party will allow the poor to benefit football, we can continue our training programs, scholarships, lawyers, aid for unemployed players ...

In addition, the players union president wanted to emphasize what for him is a key point in holding these parties to benefit The Red AFE:

The meeting will also be a way to make contact the most elite players, the international world champions with other peers, either because they had different attitudes or qualities, or luck, or for other reasons, could not reach that elite, but felt the maximum supported by the gratitude of the national team players.

Since NDF applaud this initiative of the AFE. When one of these defibrillators save the first life of a footballer, and we know who to thank.

Photo | AFE
In NDF | Marques Del Bosque keeps the block for the friendly against Colombia 2Fdefault% 2Fel-Spain-Colombia-serve-to-give-de-defibrillators-to-all-the-fields-of-second-b ">

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