Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sometimes football just ready to play dumb

One of the phrases that are most listened to my coaches as a player (no professionalism, relativize) is "football is a matter of ready." And it's true. Beyond ugly tricks are also actions that saved mischief: football scoundrels, rogues, of espabilaos. Be smarter than the rest on the grass tends to be rewarded, in whatever form. Yesterday, the Atletico Madrid-Sevilla, which ended tied at two, Tiago, Javi Varas Agüero and staged one of those plays absurd hope to meet a few times during a match (in the video, around minute 6) .

In case you have not seen it yet, I describe the play. With an Atletico player lying on the grass the ball is touched by a defender for Sevilla with his feet back and Javi Varas, believing that the ball comes from a hand, caught with their hands. The referee whistles assignment. From here comes the intricacies of the game. First, Tiago is lively, clever, and snatches the ball from the hands of Sevilla goalkeeper, who gets lost while protesting to the referee and is not aware of this possible action. Atletico's Portuguese midfielder put the ball on the floor and gave it back to Kun Aguero, who when he had everything going for it does not know how to react, by the unexpected assistance, and just smashing the ball into Javi Varas, at least thus amended its double error.

Football is ready, it is. Player who gets lost, which is not helpful, has everything to lose. Tiago was the only ready but did not accompany him and Aguero wasted the best chance to beat Atletico Sevilla. Then there was the 2-2 pre-installed on the scoreboard. El Kun, which is usually one of the players live (to be told if fans of Leisure), ran yesterday and failed to capitalize on the rapid action his companion. Could hold the ball more, look for a better angle and even bargain to attend goalkeeper Tiago, but it is very difficult to make the right decision in a few short seconds.

Regarding the match, Atletico and Sevilla offered an open duel. Both had chances to take the win but in the end it was a draw. Rakitic Negredo and advanced twice to the Andalusian while Koke and Reyes were the scorers of all Madrid. The Manzanares is already used to seeing such intense shock yesterday as the two clubs over the past decade have accentuated their rivalry. The morbidity in the goal: Rakitic, who tried to sign Atletico made it 1-2 for Nervión, and Reyes made the final tie footballing team where he grew up, as it is formed on the Carretera de Utrera and was at Sevilla where he excelled.

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