Friday, 18 February 2011

Sevilla-Porto (1-2): A better gift when he painted the thing

1sevopor6.jpg Sevilla was left yesterday at the Sánchez-Pizjuán most of its chance of making the knockout stages of Europe League. Porto lost 1-2 to an undefeated following this course and that the more overwhelmed I was, he found a gift from the Sevilla defense allowing you to return to Portugal with an interesting advantage. Is the second leg, but apparently seen last night, much has to improve the Seville for a surprise in Do Dragão. Not that those are lower but Gregorio Manzano played shackled for several minutes and, just as they went looser, lessened their chances with an inexcusable error.

It was a game with more muscle than football. Sevilla was aware that front had a great rival, perhaps because of Oporto was enough to start the game with a strong pressure to shake legs Sevilla, already stressed. Excess of respect is often a problem that does best in reverse. Also, last night was the enemy of Sevilla good placement qualities that allowed him to retrieve balls and take advantage of positional intimidation. No big occasions, Medel emerged as the savior of the team to stop a shot from James and beat Palop Rodríguez (m.24). Chilean midfielder made a great first half, sweeping everything it could and very attentive to defensive duties.

Manzano was not conservative, and two forwards, played with Rakitic accompanying Medel in midfield. It notes that Jesus Navas is at its best and therefore even more important was the contribution of Luis Fabiano and Kanoute. And both gave their all: the Brazilian fell to the bands and danger generated between the rocky core of Oporto, and made false Malian midfielder to get the ball to the attacking positions. Alas, instead of Helton, very insecure, in their attempts to topasen behind. Especially Luis Fabiano, who had occasion to beat the Brazilian keeper but waited until he was cast forth above Rolando (M.18). Also the referee, Craig Thomson, interposed between the edge of the break, when he cut a good connection, Luis Fabiano was left alone-not to apply the advantage rule. And ten minutes before had blown for a dubious offside O Fabuloso before the '10 'brands.

The referee began the second half with a theater: Porto mounted a counterattack with Sergio Sánchez-what a joy to see him play again, lying on the grass, and after the play there is a scuffle between Moutinho Perotti and the referee takes a world to solve each with yellow cards. This warmed the Sevilla and made it seem colder water from the jug fell on them, a goal by Rolando dubious position-kick after a foul from the right Moutinho (m.58) and errors in marking local lag. The André Villas-Boas were thus an ideal situation. Yesterday I had to Falcao but Hulk was enough headache for Sevilla.

Fortunately, the Andalusian was able to react to being behind on the scoreboard and squeezed to the point of finding the equalizer. It was in a play similar to the goal he had received, only that Kanoute shot to center Rakitic was more meritorious than the central Portuguese, with a characteristic head turn served to beat Helton and hold the ball in the network (m.65). The goal gave Sevilla wings and nearly two minutes ahead later: Fernando Navarro centered from the left and Luis Fabiano header but Porto goalkeeper appears to disrupt the occasion.

Came the best minutes of Seville, with Navas and Perotti something more active, especially between Argentina and the occasion. Negredo replaced Luis Fabiano and mate soon, but not great opportunities for him to point was to give assistance and, after a header from striker Kanoute failed vallecano what should have been the second of his team. There was bright but poor persistence and outputs Helton encouraged to believe in the comeback, but all I got was the sentence of Porto when we least deserved five minutes remaining regulatory almost no time for reaction. Medel lost a ball in midfield and CebollaRdíuzGeez, you fight to the finish, takes advantage of a lack of understanding between Palop Sergio Sánchez and to generate a second move, picks up the loose ball to make the final Guarín 1-2. Still, Fazio could match at the end but it avoided Helton and Sevilla will travel to Portugal with a serious disadvantage, despite the difference of one goal.

Seville is not this years ago in this competition (the UEFA Cup then) gave the continental glory, but yesterday, at least, must put aside their fears and be more incisive present from the beginning. The approach was offensive but lacked creative solutions in midfield to do damage to a Port that is a tough, very rocky back and attacking quality. In competitions such mistakes are too expensive and although Manzano have real options to pass to the knockout would have to do to show a more expensive solvent and recognizable in the second leg at Do Dragão. Have players to win and go round but must be in Portugal with a lesson well learned that will serve to function sober in both areas.

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