Friday, 4 February 2011

Rio de Janeiro is with Ronaldinho

"Welcome R10". About 40 thousand fans paid tribute to him a magnificent mosaic. No shortage of fireworks. The supporters of Flamengo had prepared a party for the premiere of his new idol. Ronaldinho returned this morning to play in Brazil ten years after leaving Porto Alegre.

Engenhao a packed stadium that was followed closely by the Golden Ball in 2005. A far cry from their best, Ronaldinho left bread crumbs. He tried a foray into the area between bicycles and bicycle. He looked good passes to Cuenca, Laudrup style. Although no prize for the lead. Failed to score on a penalty shot. It is more like a heel. But little else. 10 maintains the poor form of his last years in Europe.

"Long time no play. I have to take the pace, to adapt, to act with colleagues with whom I ever played, "admitted. Still, the former Barça left the field with great applause. Debut and victory. Flamengo had been imposed by the minimum to Nova Iguacu with a goal of Wanderley. Score of 1-0 and a little football in the Guanabara Cup match. This is called the first stage of the Carioca Cup. The competition that pits teams of Rio de Janeiro. Including the Basque da Gama, Botafogo and Fluminense Deco and Belletti.

Brazilian football can boast of names. In the above, we must add the Corinthians of Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. And of course, the recent addition of Ronaldinho Carioca, as he calls his new hobby. Former Barca and Real Madrid ex serve worldwide appeal for football in Brazil. Undoubtedly, this group of supercampeones are ambassadors of honor to the country where the World Cup. Ronaldinho won the 2002. Was in 2006 and missed 2010. But it does not want to miss.

That was one of the reasons that brought back Dinho. Sought by the Guild of the beginning, Ronnie chose to fight for the Brazilian team canarinha more popular. Statistics show that has about 35 million fans around the state. In other words, almost 17% of the total population of Flamengo. For something is called O mais ones do Brasil.

Ronaldinho felt loved. "One of the biggest thrills of my life. I always said that everyone has a bit of Flamengo in life and my emotions surfaced much in the Flamengo, "he said after the game . After the mosaic . After the fireworks and applause. Ronaldinho did not hide his excitement. It sounds strange coming from someone who not long ago earned the applause on every play. Even the eternal rival. It must be that for a long time not applauded.

Flamengo now has a hobby that adores him and a coach who knows him. Vanderlei Luxemburgo is the coach of Ronaldinho, who on Wednesday wore the captain's armband. In addition, the new crack of Fla has a goal to compete. Enter the call for Mano Menezes to be with the national team. Where? Where it all began. In Brazil. Home. Meanwhile, the Maracana Stadium Flamengo, are remodeling for the appointment. Ronaldinho too.

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In NDF | Ronaldinho signing his sentence

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