Friday, 4 February 2011

Renewal or non-Pepe


The snake Pepe continues to speak at the Casablanca. The Portuguese want a raise but managers are not the work. Curiously in Don Floren Madrid, that of the outrageous numbers and mammoth projects. Equally interesting that the initial reluctance to sign a new striker . Must be that Chamartín have learned now that the country is in crisis. Or in economic recession, depending on who says it.

The latest information suggests that Pepe will not renew with whites. The secretary is not willing to give 5 million euros he asks. Moreover, do not move from their first offer: 3.5 million. Madrid did not yield even to the 4 million counteroffer made by the ubiquitous agent Pepe. One Jorge Mendes, who represents half Portugal. Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo included.

Only half a million separate the proposal from the club claims the player and manager loader. Half a million is a lot of money if we talk about ordinary people, obviously. But talk about football. Or rather, of Real Madrid. A club to their global impact is compounded in the presidency one of the richest men on the planet. Florentino Perez paid 65 million euros for a Kaka faded. Can he let out one of his best center?

Mourinho is essential to Pepe was absent for a month. "Madrid need to Pepe and Pepe needs to Real Madrid," he said in a press conference . Questioned by the downturn of the team, the Portuguese coach remembered all the things that brings the injured Pepe. "The team with the highest Pepe plays, the team with Pepe is not afraid to leave spaces behind, the team with more pressing Pepe, Pepe equipment with higher pressure, the team with Pepe recovers faster balls, the team Pepe is more dangerous in attack. " Pepe Pepe Pepe and more in the mouth of Mou, expressing his desire for the renewal of his compatriot.

But was not that Mourinho was not next season? That said, some means of capital. Even in England and spoke of his return to the Premier League . So why is going to worry about if Pepe renewed or not. Furthermore, why say Morata will begin in the first team next season. He said two days ago at a press conference and speech does not sound like a coach who thinks about leaving.

There is still time to negotiate, because the contract does not end until 2012. At that time, Pepe was able to go scot-free wherever I wanted. For now the team that sounds is Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The Blues believe in strengthening the defense and so far have incorporated the highly sought benfiquista David Luiz. The price of the operation, 25 million. 5 million less than it cost in 2007, Pepe Porto, becoming one of the most expensive defenders merengue history. But not so expensive in their file, as it currently takes 1.3 million. A figure that makes it one of the worst paid in the locker room. And that is key.

Negotiations aimed seem worse since they began about a year ago. Only half a million more would end any doubt and would attach to a key defender for the team. With or without Mourinho. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Manchester City will maintain the look and Pepe reiterates its desire to continue. Today, the club is on the pitch the football reference worldwide. In offices, Sandro Rosell preaches austerity in full by the renewal pulse Alves. Be that in Casablanca culé want to follow the model also in offices. In Madrid and Barcelona: the need the money, you.

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