Friday, 18 February 2011

Overbooking in goal Mestalla

César Sánchez

The goal of Valencia has been characterized in recent decades to be well trimmed. In the nineties came to Spanish club Valencia goalkeeper recognized that, upon completion of their differing stages in the big two have offered a great performance and flight hours in his gloves. First was Zubizarreta, who defended the goal for four seasons in the Mediterranean club, and later succeeded him Cañizares, who after failing to win in the Madrid became a hero in Mestalla for ten years.

The transition after his retirement was not easy and not a few keepers who were hired to succeed the now co-host of The Day After. This has led to the goal of Valencia has a number of candidates: the veteran Cesar, former Majorcan Moya, the squad Guaita and the probable inclusion of Diego Alves in the summer from Almeria. They should be added to another Brazilian Renan, on loan at Porto Alegre International will return next summer to possibly return to pack.

Moya was hired after being one of the young promises of the ever prolific national goalkeepers quarry, but has not managed to capture the title but in his case has been unlucky with injuries. It has also met with Cesar, signed from Tottenham for 37 years for former deputy vermilion and eventually took the starting job thanks to a second youth who returned to become one of the best goalkeepers in the league. In Moya, which were paid five million, there is no overconfidence and could be transferred to Sevilla, which seeks to substitute for Palop and Manzano as Mallorca defender after having him in three seasons. Moya, after a hesitant start, has proved a good keeper when he had an opportunity, but injuries have been primed with him and seems to live his last months on the Mediterranean.

For its part, the former Real Madrid contract ends next summer and in recent weeks has also had several injury problems. With 39 years it is likely that he was not renewed despite claims that he intends to remain active or not extended his contract with Valencia. With Moya also injured has been the turn Guaita, goalkeeper of the quarry, after being on loan at Recreativo, has used his opportunity as a doorman confirmed interesting with a good future. Guaita contract ends in June 2012 and is already negotiating its renewal, but the disadvantage for the young goalkeeper comes in summer, and is Almeria and Valencia reached an agreement for the transfer of Diego Alves to set ché three million. The Brazilian has been one of the best goalkeepers in the league in recent seasons and Valencia have not missed an opportunity to take their services for a price not too high.

This case is reminiscent of Atletico Madrid and De Gea Asenjo, when they signed the former of Valladolid in the quarry having a goalkeeper on the size of athletic head today, then a promise and a reality today. At the time, the signing of a goalkeeper with the present and the future of Asenjo by about five million seemed a bargain, but time showed, although it is now easy to say, that this money could have been used to hire another player in a different job. Diego Alves would think the same: it is a great goalkeeper with great rates that in principle what needs improvement, but questioned the necessity of its signing and that there is little and there are other places that seem most in need of reinforcements . However, his move was made at a time when Caesar was injured and Guaita was still unknown, so it is likely that seeing the performance of the youth squad, this transfer not been made effective today.

So, it seems that Valencia's goal for next year will consist of Diego Alves and Guaita. Two young goalkeepers with great present and better future, currently the most experienced Brazilian and Guaita with excellent projection in recent weeks. In addition, youth squad will be a point in favor in the eyes of the fans. The drawback is that one of them would cut its progression, but it seems clear that the goal of Valencia will not be a problem.

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