Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Notes of Round 21


Each week Football Notes rated, from one to five, so that less and what we liked most of the day league. The twenty-first delivery of the Notes of the Day, below.


"When you miss Madrid League

It was perhaps the pressure of knowing what had made the Barcelona, the desire to Osasuna, rotations without Mourinho effect or lack of basic Pepe as the coach, which led to the defeat of Real Madrid at the Reyno de Navarra. But there is no excuse. The Camacho had eight straight games without a win and could face a title contender, now, less so.


"Pellegrini, bottom side

Expectations lying if I denied that for a server created Malaga. Since the arrival of reinforcements Pellegrini until winter, in the Rose Garden have a team to think about more than just salvation. However, this weekend were face to face with reality when the Zaragoza, a whole half-buried until recently, snatched the three points causing the Andalusians drop to last place.


"The Hercules held her own

When it seems that a team has taken the measure going to Barcelona, and this puts him two goals. I liked football and bold strategy that chose Esteban Vigo before the leader, which cost him more than usual to seal the victory. It happens as Osasuna against Real Madrid, if all parties play one on one, with that intensity, that salvation would sacrifice ... throw. The 0-3 was too much punishment.


"Wastes no smell Tamudo

The Royal Society is a club that works quietly, barely making a sound, but that surprises when least expected. Of the promoted this course is the most comfortable is in the ranking (ninth) and this weekend celebrated another victory against Almeria thanks to goals from Tamudo, who has the honor of becoming the Catalan player more many and which was deservedly cheered Anoeta.


"The win at Villarreal Cornellà

Only two teams have been winning in the stadium Espanyol FC Barcelona and Villarreal. It was possibly one of the most attractive game that was resolved with a goal (other) Rossi. Third into fifth, remains to be seen whether the Espanyol paid absences and Didac Victor Ruiz, but that does not seem to feel the pressure of being above are men Garrido, leaving seven points to their opponents on Sunday.

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