Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Notes from a ship at last


"Global 8-0

The truth is that the result speaks for itself. Despite leaving the field with a lead of five goals and penalties José Luis Oltra rehearse during the week, the truth is that the less common of Barcelona did not come to look palm in Almeria. Guardiola opted to give minutes to the poor people and they responded with a victory that sent the tiny limbo hopes of Almería, more focused on the domestic championship in the butler after the drubbing at the Camp Nou. With the tie overall not very usual in a Copa del Rey semifinals, the club confirmed its presence in the grand final on Wednesday 20 April.

"Adriano, Thiago, Afellay

As I write above, was the party of the 'need'. Pinto with the sticks that has earned its presence in the knockout tournament matches were provided with minutes a Thiago that with the advent of negotiated renewal Afellay and play in the reserves until next season, Hadrian, which occupied the left flank superbly and the last to arrive, a Afellay that are increasingly more comfortable in his new club. Adriano opened the can to show you what to think when his left Bale also imposes. Thiago, a technical gesture with the head, signed the second brilliantly. And Afellay, very active, the key to his best.

"Almeria, thinking about something else

What is clear Oltra. The award was for his team reach the semifinals of Copa Perhaps if the rival would have been another ambition had been different, but before a Barca in the league and we got eight, little could be done. Feghouli debuted as the name spelled correctly on the shirt, and France does not clash. The winter signing Almeria shot to stick in the best chance of the premises and provided the freshness that you need to face Almeria end of the season. Anyway, is worthy of praise far has been able to reach what you are suffering in the league.

"Waiting rival

Having seen, it seems that little matter the opponent with whom you can run into Barcelona in the final. While Real Madrid and Sevilla in a match fight for life or death for being in the key struggle for lifting the title, the Catalans enjoy copera his second final in three years. In the last one played managed to win the trophy against Athletic Bilbao. Now you have a tough nut to crack: the defending champion Sevilla, or the ultimate archenemy, the Real Madrid. The solution to the riddle, in subsequent posts.

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