Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The night of Javi Varas

One dreams of being the hero of the Bernabeu
Javi Varas, Sevilla FC goalkeeper, in As

If a place among all those who make a template of a football team whose nature escapes me, that is the goalkeeper. As much as I try to put in place, probably not I'll come to understand how hard it must be to keep the mood when your role is, practically, be there in case.

On Saturday Andrés Palop was sent off for a straight red for stopping the ball with their hands out of the area over Deportivo-Sevilla . Javi Varas and went out, with little time to warm up, Lassad pushed the goal that put the 2-0 on the scoreboard. In the minutes after his team rallied to 2-3 but finally ended up getting a second goal which meant the final tie. The expulsion of a red card Palop prevent him join the squad for the game tonight, the semifinal round of the Copa del Rey, where Real Madrid in the Bernabeu hopes to use the advantage they took with the 0-1 in Pizjuán.

Varas tonight will have to defend the goal of his team against the second best offense in our league. Christian Di Maria, Benzema, Adebayor, Özil, Kaka ... enemies will have plenty to worry about. Sevilla possibilities of overcoming the tie and stand in his second final in a row probably spend to keep a clean sheet or not receive more than one goal. And there will Javi Varas, dreaming of becoming the hero of the Bernabeu.

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