Thursday, 17 February 2011

Neuer strikes a blow for gay footballers

Manuel Neuer, Schalke 04 goalkeeper and German national team, is making headlines in recent days by some statements made in the Germanic magazine Bunte. During the course of the interview asked about the taboo is being homosexual in the world of football and their response has been much talk:

Yes, who is gay should say. That helps. The fans will get used quickly. What matters is the player's performance.

Many media outlets have assumed that, with these words, Neuer was making public his homosexuality, but the truth is that the message is ambiguous and may raise different interpretations. The question is, I say, on whether "it relieves" he says from experience, but is not about Freud and psychoanalysis get his words. What is important is that the spotlight has been an issue that can not believe it is news in the XXI century.

Homosexuality in football today is a taboo that has not been exceeded . Without going any further, the representative of Michael Ballack, whose name deserves to be remembered, made a statement of the most homophobic when he said that international football was "controlled by a bunch of gays", explaining the reason for the change of style a more physical football one more soft, as if being gay was synonymous with weak ... "They are poor, ugly, untalented, bureaucratic (sic), inhuman and gays," said the bird.

Because of abnormal as the manager of Ballack, homosexuality in football is a reality hidden under the carpet. It will remain so until they begin to appear gay players who dare to step forward and start hammering the Berlin Wall that is the irrationality and xenophobia. The most famous is the brave, the more impact achieved. Remember the case of Magic Johnson. When released he had contracted the AIDS virus, the shock was tremendous. The Magic was good to hear a bunch of garbage spewed by far bocanegra, but eventually his courage did much for the normalization of the disease in the U.S..

By now you know that I am a fan of legendary football aphorisms such as "no small rival," or "one who forgives, pays." But there is a mode that I hate, that of those referring to the supposed gallantry of the competitor, such as "football is a man's sport" or "soccer is for males," as if "stronger" mean "better man ". (Of course, just look how they cry each kick 80% of football players to look bad in comparison to any other team sport). Welcome is every small step taken by real men for one day leave this sport have taboos imposed by apes.

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