Monday, 14 February 2011

Muito obrigado, Ronnie

Ronaldo Brazil

When you're a kid and starting to know about the sport began to hear names like Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona, his achievements, talents, accomplishments. Easily imagine what accounted for the game after earning a place in history. But it is not comparable to follow the path of a player who has marked an epoch without you have read or have had their victories, their defeats, their joys or their avatars, but have proven why his name will be written with golden letters the big ones. Today has confirmed his retirement from the playing field one: Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.

At age 34 was not well planned, but his body has had enough and impotence have in mind a move that his body could not admit has been the trigger. Corinthians had a contract with the end of the year but wanted to be consistent with your state and with the idea that it was best to put an end to a career full of successes and obstacles. His path was marked by two words: goals and injuries, the first in abundance, the latter, unfortunately, too. One question we glimpse when we review the path of Ronaldo: How far have we come if injuries had been respected?

Despite having played in some of the best teams in the world do not believe I am wrong in saying that the happiest moments that have made Ronaldo's has lived with Brazilian team jersey. Top scorer in the history of the world with fifteen goals , one more than the Germans Müller and Klose, Ronaldo has played four, won two and been runner-up in another. In the first minute but played no lived an unforgettable experience with seventeen years alongside magicians like Romario and Bebeto, of which surely learned a few tricks. The second was named best player and lost the final against France, of unfortunate memory for the seizure he suffered the night before, they were about to leave him out and that impinged on its performance.

It was the third most happy. In Korea and Japan, in 2002, Ronaldo take his revenge from his ordeal with the injuries to show the world that still had much to offer soccer, leaving the skeptics with no arguments and drawing a smile to the fans. I no longer had the appearance athletic player who dazzled in PSV, Barcelona and Inter, wore a curious bangs his head shaved in his usual world and reached under the guidance of Scolari, who trusted in him despite his inactivity. Ronaldo did not disappoint and was the star wrapped by partners such as Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. Scored eight goals, two in the final against Germany, and showed that despite having lost some of its power was still the best striker in the world.

The best of himself he had given before his first major injury in 1999 with Inter, but such was his talent after injuries remained an exceptional. After the world joined Real Madrid, becoming in my opinion the most profitable of all galaxy. It was the most expensive and his romance with the goal at the Bernabeu was key to his team on numerous occasions. His last club in Europe was Milan, where their problems were evident overweight, which again have many problems with injuries, scoring goals when they left him. After two seasons at San Siro was time to return to Brazil. Corinthians was next to an old friend, Roberto Carlos. There he continued doing what he does best, score goals, and there has been an end to his career.

I do not exaggerate in saying that Ronaldo is the best nine in the history of football. As he approached the goal was certain that something would happen and when he faced the goalkeeper's goal was a certainty. Two World Cups, two Copa America, a Cup Winners Cup, one Intercontinental, two leagues, two or three Golden Balls FIFA World Player are some of their successes, as well as 420 goals in 616 games. Celebrations 420, 420 moments of happiness of a marking player with a knack for punching rival goals. Moments like the goal against Compostela or marking against Valencia QueaAn for ever in the retina of the amateur who will not forget or phenomenon. Therefore, thank you very much, Ronaldo. Muito obrigado, Ronnie.

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