Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Messi is concerned about the strength and effectiveness of Theo Walcott

The match between Barcelona and Arsenal are awakening more than a memory of previous encounters between the main protagonists. Leo Messi, the party in which Barcelona won against the English team reminds you how dangerous it can be Theo Walcott.

For the 'flea', the most important weapon of Arsenal is without doubt the English player. "One of the most dangerous players I've played against. When we play at the Emirates Stadium to 2-0, with all due respect, Arsenal was not in the game. Then Walcott came in and changed the game. Unaided No one changed the drawing that night. "

Messi is aware that we are not simple things in London, and therefore warns Barca fans that the game can become very complicated for your equipment.

"The Barcelona players are not easily scared but I can say that when we played against Arsenal last time we really cared."

The game will be played within a few hours, and we are all dependent on what happens in the Emirates Stadium.

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