Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Madrid players are not used to playing every 3 days

real madrid Mourinho

The coach Jose Mourinho has come to speak loud and clear. A day to play another match has been said that Real Madrid are not used to playing every 3 days or two games a week, which is the same.

In the last loss they have faced in Pamplona, the strategist of the Real Madrid referred to the fatigue felt by the players in the white box. Mourinho has been heavily criticized by the changes that made the first team in the match against Mallorca, but as he himself justified due to the bustle of his players and he did so to give them a break.

Only in January, the Madrid has faced nine games, something that happened in previous years because it was removed quickly from the Copa del Rey and Champions and were already accustomed to playing only the league. But Mourinho also said that fatigue is not physical because they could face a match every two days, but rather it is a mental fatigue.

Mourinho closed the subject by saying that they are men and it is only a matter of habit, so to be used next season.

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