Thursday, 3 February 2011

Madrid is the Cup finalists seven years after

And we bundled for the Cup final after defeating last night Real Madrid to Seville by two goals to nil in the Bernabeu, the targets will face Barcelona on April 20 seven years after their last final . Do not be fooled by the result: it was not an easy match for meringues because although Sevilla could have done more, Real Madrid was not easy to kill off the tie. But not in your ranks accounts a talented player who makes his virtue as Mesut Özil, star of a great game and a wonderful goal, it becomes difficult overtones to appear more feasible.

However, the first player of the match was a fellow who started the season very well and that takes a few games grayish, sending Di Maria to post a good combination of your computer. The next character to appear was Negredo scoring a great goal that was nullified by an offside. Very tight with feet in line and the body slightly forward, and it seems that wanted to become millimeters players in this round.

In Madrid was a substitute Marcelo occupying Arbeloa place with very good manners on both the outward and on the return, and his par, Jesus Navas, has had little relevance in the tie. In attack, Benzema played and was associated but not taught claws. By Sevilla was Rakitic, who despite being the newcomer was makings of being the brain that your team needs, making it a party or Guarente Cigarini throughout the first round. By their presence, the band took lefty Romaric losing presence. For its part, Kanoute failed to shine in attack in exchange for performing a strange role for him: the drying of the opponent, in this case Xabi Alonso. In San Sebastian secure, to Madrid will cost more.

The party is happening with little chances with Sevilla no presence in attack and defense Madrid smooth but dull, lacking in depth. Javi Varas was some merit to be the hero of the night like a heads up that brought Cristiano Ronaldo, but his teammates did not continue its work. For its part, Portuguese seen without spark, without freshness, with that eagerness to score the goal that does not reach that sometimes looms. Like other colleagues as the aforementioned Di María They seem tired, with too many miles in their legs. It could be the time when the Canales, Pedro Leon or Barn acquire more prominence in the league, but what Mourinho is confident in them?

With the entry of Luis Fabiano by Rakitic, Sevilla are back allowing desguarneció arrive at Madrid in exchange for offering little more danger, but it was then, eight minutes from time when he came on stage Teutonic connection of Madrid to sign the first goal. Khedira dressed as Xabi Alonso to provide great assistance to Özil it became a great goal after dribble Javi Varas. Once in the area only took two touches: one to circumvent the goalkeeper and another to push it. All with an amazing peace.

There was still time for one last star. Adebayor came on the pitch after the goal of giving Özil mark the second time with a good definition: control with his chest and shot at close range. The match ended in Madrid as a finalist just seven years after that final against Real Zaragoza, which marked the beginning of the end of a season that seemed destined for success with Queiroz and marked the beginning of the decline Galaxy. Now wait a trace Barcelona has favorites, but in a final and a Madrid-Barça anything can happen.

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