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La Vecchia Signora is

velhaportuguesa.jpg Bad times for Juventus of Turin, very bad. Since the scandal known as Calciopoli-o Moggigate - which led to the Bianconeri in Serie B Juventus do not lift the head. Or, to be fair, this season was the last second was met with some pride among their tifosi. The Calciopoli discussed in a future post, so here we will focus on issues more than anything sports when analyzing the decline that lives not so long ago was the best club in Italy.

As we all recall, in the 2006-07 season Juventus suffered a decline in federal, punished to contest the Serie B with an initial balance of -17 points, later lowered to 9 -. The club began the project of resurrection in the hands of Didier Deschamps, who suffered the defection of players like Cannavaro, Thuram, Zambrotta, Ibrahimovic, while veterans managed to keep the likes of Buffon, Nedved and Del Piero. Despite having started the year with a negative balance, the Bianconeri managed to sign his return to Serie A with three days in advance.

Despite the success of only having spent a year old in hell, the board decided to get rid of French coach Claudio Ranieri and hire a technician who can do well with half-board, but unable to handle large projects. In its first year (2007-2008) led Juve to third place, which returned to the Champions League competition, which was eliminated the following year by Chelsea in eighth, while the remaining third in the league after Ranieri to remove the final few days when they were seconds.

The next project (2009-2010) was handed over to Ciro Ferrara, inexperienced but with the band of being a man of the house he brought some good signings, and Grosso, Melo and, above all, Diego. However, the renewal of a very old staff stayed in a near miss and, under the direction of an inexperienced technician, fell to the first hurdle of the Champions League first and then the UEFA Cup. The bleeding points Calcio Ferrara finished pushing the back door in January 2010 and elected to replace him was none other than the veteran Alberto Zaccheroni, who had pre-retired three years, now heads the Japan-Selection .

This brings us to this campaign, in which leaders gave Juventus the lead with a coach like Luigi Delneri, the drifter par excellence as a player was in ten different clubs and carries sixteen coach , including seven in the last seven years. This course was again made a feint of staff turnover, getting rid of Cannavaro, Zebina and Camoranesi, whose ages add up to 103 years. However, and difficult to understand as it seems, also got rid of players like Diego, which gave no time or colleagues so he could be the great player he is, Poulsen, a midfielder who is better than any of those who stayed, and Trezeguet, who has shown in Spain that his eye for goal not without force in the legs. Not forgetting that inexplicably decided to give in to Giovinco, the main promise of the quarry bianconera.

On the other hand, the transfer policy could not be less hesitant. This summer acquired five defenders, three purchased, Bonucci, Motta and Traoré, and two as assigned, Rinaudo (Napoli) and Sorensen (the well-known Danish Lyngby Boldklub). For the midfield managed assignments of Aquilani (Liverpool) and Pepe (Udinese), and only went to Krasic bought for 15 million euros, which until now has been best adapted to Turin. And finally, for now, reached an agreement with Napoli to secure the services of Quagliarella, given this year by 4.5 million and a commitment to purchase in June by 10.5 million. The Neapolitan was the player who rolled the car on the first leg of the season, but this Christmas ruptured cruciate ligaments and will be sidelined for the remainder of the season.

So despite the casualties, Delneri has had a workforce whose level is above the results obtained, which could hardly be worse: the Juvfell in the quarter-finals of the Coppa, was eliminated in the Europa League after adding six draws in six matches in the group stage, with rivals such as Salzburg or Lech Poznan-League and are in eighth place, just four points clear of the Champions but giving an image not to be optimistic. Just to get to the passage of pessimism introduced with Quagliarella's injury, the club has been forced to move in the Winter Market. Barzagli reached in January (which was three years in Wolfsburg), Luca Toni (from Genoa, which is not to improve what we already had a few months ago with Trezeguet) and Alessandro Matri, on loan from Cagliari striker has landed good start but still pro see if Quagliarella yield level.

So in the end we turn our gaze to the place we've been avoiding until now: the direction of the club. On the one hand we have President Andrea Agnelli, which so far has not shown anything more than what its name says. His hand man, Marotta sporting director, said having a bad taste when mounting templates. The other leg of the bank is John Elkann, grandson of the pattern other Agnelli, who without being listed in the chart, is who really controls the club because it has the majority stake through the oil Exor. Although it may seem otherwise, the fact that the people of Fiat and Exor are tucked in the club has not resulted in major economic investments, but the opposite is happening: Juventus has made cleaning up much your bills, but the lack investment has made him lose a lot of power to its staff.

Amid the passivity of Agnelli's grandsons, the sports management of the club has established a policy totally inadequate. The team has Italianate in a time when Italian football is going through a time of poor harvests Where no one has taken over from Totti or Del Piero himself, and is definitely more to bring Juventus to lift a trophy, let alone to La Squadra Azzurra ... But more serious is that while Italian players booked less hearth equipment that Juventus, the club has been shedding young people with more projection, as Miccoli, Crisciutto, Balzaretti and Palladino-the latter is a player in which I thought a lot. The last to be forced to take those Villadiego has been, as we have said, Giovinco, on loan to Parma.

Lo for all causes of the decline suffered by Juventus: lack of a strong, capable of directing the situation, the carelessness of the main shareholders, who do not inject money into the club, and a lousy sports management, which depleted staff. This explains how it is possible that a club's greatness is riding his Juventus team-based assignments: do not know which way to go and waiting for someone decides to take charge of the case, all decisions are made short term. That's what hurts the most Juventina the fans, who see you are doing nothing to improve in the future. And when Signora begins to be happier remembering the past instead of imagining a future, there is no doubt: we are doing vecchia.

PS. Special thanks to Diego Dominguez, Juventus pro, whose information and feelings were the basis of this article.
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