Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ibrahimovic again lashes out against Guardiola

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not easily forget his turbulent departure of Barcelona. The Swedish striker again to make clear that left the team due to differences with Guardiola FC Barcelona.

When Ibrahimovic speaking of his departure from Barcelona made it clear that the reason is "a man" whom he defines as "the philosopher" and who is not only the team's coach, Josep Guardiola. "I had no problems with anyone. No one can say I did something wrong. The first six months everything was exceptional, going well and something happened. I still do not know what happened. I'm still waiting for the answer ... A couple of months after the new year (Guardiola) did not speak anymore, "said the Swedish striker.

Guardiola said Ibrahimovic is a great motivator and I make clear by contrast to Mourinho: "When I was with Mourinho, could go out and kill for him, for the reasons he gave me, that's how he encouraged me" he said.

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