Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The height of the storyteller: the self-harm

When just a year ago we reflect on some of the bad habits of football , as in the case of ball-abductees, also talked about how they had been vitiating the most players to the point that any blow dealt to top just hip aching in the face. Thus, the assumption of male sport is full of storytellers who love to play at being the victim of aggression.

But what had not yet seen is that u n a player comes to self-harm to fake a foul. That is what happened in the match played on 12 February the U20 Selections from Chile and Ecuador in South American for that class. El Siete de La Rojita, Bryan Carrasco, passed by hustler when the throw grabbed his arm to Ecuador Edson Montaño for bumping himself in the face.

The referee whistled not swallow and needed to Ecuador, so that pocasluces Carrasco had no other to disappear from the scene of crime as surely reflected in the style of Homer Simpson about whether he had brain damage, it appears to already brought him home as well.

We do not know what you have told her mother, who walk began wondering if your child is a cheater, a masochist or both. From what we can enjoy is the reaction of the narrator of the game. From the beginning you see something weird and then repeated the action once, hallucinates with Carrasco and do what we'd all: laugh at him.

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