Sunday, 27 February 2011

Habermas, the remains

In Riazor witches if any, of the remains. The unbelievers will speak of chance, but deep down we all know that the fact that Real Madrid does not take all three points last night is a matter of enchantment, witchcraft. Sometimes had to take the match on the street, but amongst the Espanyol defense, a huge Aranzubía and the string of garlic from behind the net, finally despairing to see as part of their league title hopes are slipping out of hands as if water in question.

Deportivo, a team in all but limited his defensive work, ended up turning the game into a survival exercise, which maintain a point and leave Madrid were wounded when two attractive prizes that compensated for any sacrifice. With a lag of four men, instead of the usual once quintet, Miguel Angel Lotina raised the more defensive game as possible, aware that retaining a point against Jose Mourinho's team could involve much more than a point-consider, for example, the tie between Sporting and Zaragoza, two rivals of Herculine this week did not cut any point to Depor to be his party in the same result.

Meñaka coach could align for one hour at Guardado, a player who, between injury and injury, has only played in seven games so far in La Liga, above exercise again, put the new signing Peter Sand, which moved to Adrian, the attacker most inspired of blue and white side, starting from the left. In the white side, the institutionalized and Benzema, Adebayor certainly was deciphered in favor of French, but more surprising was the inclusion of Kaka in the team, for all that that implies. The Brazilian has not done anything since his return to merit holder in Madrid, and less Özil displacing the left wing, where the influence of his style intermittent drops considerably, in addition, this means leaving out Di Maria, who in a unruly couple of plays can make much more than a lack of pace Kaka, competitive tension and understanding of the role that asks for your coach.

For the first time the Madrid not got the fifth in no time, so that did not cost too Dépor weather the storm, nay, even Casillas came to the area with some frequency, often with schools from the sides, but least a minimum of danger to the tribes of the bleachers cheering to conjure rugieran telluric forces. Madrid, perhaps thinking that inevitably ripen the party or they will inevitably end up desfonfado Depor, almost missed the first forty-five minutes, then got the feeling that there could be much more tight.

That was precisely what he did from the first minute of the second half, scored better the distance between the lines and put Depor in your area, blocking out up for air until almost a minute twenty. Quarter hour Mourinho made a double change, bringing in Adebayor and Di Maria in place of unnecessary taxpayer Lass and not Kaka. The clear dye offensive (and almost mystical) entries and Emmanuel Angel was played by Depor as it should: the Madrid preparing the offensive end, the all or nothing. Took the following minutes, while the meringues rearrange your chips on the tablet, to stretch a little and put a pike in Flanders with their first corner in favor: the set pieces was the best, if not unique weapon he could trust . Came to nothing, just a hint.

After a couple of arrivals to the goal of The Saint, the Dépor locked himself in his field, having two walls around your goal and prepared to die in defense of his post. The last fifteen minutes was all an act of harassment by the occupants, while local puffed synergy with the fans, resisted all stakes as if it were Mount Medulio Riazor. However, we must recognize that Deportivo could not resist if I had not had the invaluable help of witches: in the final ten minutes the Madrid struck twice against the club, through Adebayor and Cristiano, apart from the excellent Benzema had occasion in the small area, which he failed to finish not really know why. If anyone had any doubts about the existence ofEspanyol witches just have to see how Aranzubía could have gotten the ball into his own goal when it ricocheted off his stick back after Adebayor, but the ball ended up going to the post ... Pegaditas

At Madrid just missed a point of fate and, perhaps, to have gotten more intense in the first time for at least Depor had worn the most. The draw him away from the fight for the title, replace seven of devastation. There are still a whopping 39 points in the game, but having lost the momentum that brought ground after cutting the leader last week, the Madrid gives the feeling that, finally, do not come to the Bernabeu match with a short enough distance to give a bombshell to the championship. To the point preserved Depor has great value. After the heroic Aranzubía in Almeria, which, incidentally, yesterday again proved that it is an impressive level, collective sacrifice last night reinforces the moral of a group whose confidence is always on in pins. As Mourinho said so well recognized Lendoiro, if Depor play with the same intensity as the other parties ... In order that it is not, but I think any elm tree bears apples.

PS. The idiocy of the speaker of Riazor that at the end of the party and from the PA, Mourinho reminded a phrase for seven years, be explained solely from their own stupidity of that character, a very little respected (and even less loved) by the parish blanzquiazul, laughing at him every time he gives the bird to use the stadium's public address as his own pulpit. The day Lendoiro, who is there who has used since years ago, no longer president, many will rejoice that, at least, so we will not endure the vagaries of a single speaker believed to be the voice of sportsmanship when is nothing but a caricature.

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