Friday, 11 February 2011

Goalkeeper of Germany out of the closet

Germany goalkeeper homosexuality schalke

Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of Germany and Schalke 04 had no qualms about coming out and confess their homosexuality. It is one of the few players who has publicly confessed his sexual preferences and at the same time has encouraged his colleagues to do so because as he says "it relieves."

The keeper of 24 years came out as gay in remarks to the magazine Bunte, ensuring that fans quickly become accustomed to the idea because the most important in the field of play is the performance of players and he has always delivered 100% in every game.

Also encouraged his companions to break free from the pressures and confess his sexual preference so that it ceases to be a burden to them. The Bundesliga player is one of the first to make such a confession at the controversy that has arisen on the subject was to be expected.

The only thing is that you invoke tolerance enough for the player who wants to be encouraged to tell their sexual preferences and if unwilling to do so is not a requirement because their personal lives should not matter.

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