Monday, 21 February 2011

"Fans? Football is not played with baseball bats

5205825413_900eec5010.jpg Forget badges and colors, do not criticize any particular club. Moreover, I will not mention the names of the clubs: first, because they have little to do in this case, and second, because, unfortunately, are acts generalizable, extensible to any club or city, and third, because now you have read something the last event (if not, look, there were no fatalities but injured). Not that the colors have no significance, as many fights stem from a rivalry clearly marked and recognizable, but the really serious is the mentality behind after savage acts related to football with the sport. Because these acts do not arise from mere amateurs, we should take better care of our language, the words we use-but criminal. Hit someone's head, stab his flesh is a crime, find justification in some colors, bullshit. Kill or be killed by a shield, which causes absurd!

What they play football? Let us turn all crazy and off the field we compete to see who hits harder or more opponents killed, as if it were a game.'s Convert the stadiums on battlefields, we only sports journalism journalism events; of chronic obituaries. Rated barbarism. Under what dogmas, for some individuals, is no longer life beyond football? Best, "was once the real game in their lives or is just an excuse? The ultra concept stores in its nature a permanent contradiction with what amounts to a sporting spirit, but nevertheless, it develops more and more natural in sports, that in the absence of exemplary measures, it bears with resignation. Condemns football violence, do less, but is actually condemning violence football with more harshly than any other scourge.

Any comprehensive analysis must encompass all aspects and perspectives. In this way, it is consistent to say that for the institutions to review the situation of certain radical groups formed around football-kill them, destroy them. But as we delve into the problem, as we travel to the heart of the matter, we find wild beings capable of wielding a gun and kill another being by the fact of supporting a club that is not theirs (or who knows why). Is equal to the ideology of another. No matter even if he is or is not also willing to die or kill for their team, sometimes it is sufficient to bring a scarf otherwise. For contrast, a rival that is worthy of death. This is the mentality that I plunged into the confusion, fear, impotence, despair.

In search of reasons are always used as an excuse to society: society creates ideal lifestyles, behavioral mechanisms, etc.. Everything is the fault of society, which is perverse and engenders monsters. But it is not just looking for a hiding place between the scrum. Actions have owners, names and surnames. For the same reasons as above, we can expand horizons and say that the media influence the development of attitudes, but is it the media that promote violence to such extremes? The press plays with the rivalries in his speeches-indeed, the sport used terms from the realm of war (attack, shooting, enemy, gun, missile, ram and so on), but would be as cruel as it is ridiculous to attribute to journalism which a deranged attempt to take the life of a follower of another computer.

I can hardly fathom a man loves a club so as to kill another. Not conceive. So I tend to think that football, in some cases is just a cache for certain criminal minds that are grouped under different badges, often with the blessing of the clubs themselves. Societies of nature capable of the worst damn. Sometimes even companies, but always cursed. No one who really loves football to play the ball leaves his own party with a baseball bat or a knife or even worse weapons. Football, if you want to be healthy, you have to fight an organized-or whatever-to end violence, bad as widespread as corruption but far more serious. Nope livesden hang on the whim of a lunatic. Football, as responsible entity, must not allow the devil to hide for much longer in their guts.

Photo | JR Rodríguez Sosa
In NDF | fundamentalists against injustice

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