Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Farewell to a great one. Ronaldo said goodbye to professional football

One of the greatest strikers of all time he just said goodbye to football training. After nearly two decades of career, 3 Player of the Year titles Cup and two world championships, the "phenomenon" confirmed his definitive retirement from football pitches, and he did the most emotional.

"It's my first death I lost my body .... I'm here to finish my career as a professional player. That race was beautiful, wonderful, exciting, I had many losses, infinite victories, made many friends, do not remember doing any enemy" .

Ronaldo Nazario, 34, was a river of tears when he announced his retirement. The Brazilian said his withdrawal meets the constant pain and injuries he has suffered throughout his career.

"Everyone knows my history of injury, I've had in the past two years very large consequences injuries ranging from one leg to another, from one muscle to another and this pain makes me anticipate the end of my career. Four years ago Milan, I discovered that I suffer from a condition called hypothyroidism, which speeds up metabolism and controller requires taking a banned hormone in football, to be considered doping. "

Ronaldo thanked all those who accompanied him during these years, all those who encouraged him to be better each time and those who rejoiced in their football and wept with their losses.

"I want to thank all the Brazilian fans that I cry with me when I cried, it fell to me when I fell, and especially the fans of Corinthians, because I've never seen a swollen so passionate and dedicated to a football team. Also I apologize not have access to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. "

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