Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Every prophet in his own

Two days, two stories and a tie. Gerland came to Madrid with memories of battles lost and the round that always plays lately paid to whites: the eighth. Not sighted reasons for optimism in a first half that looked like the remake of the three previous films fateful memory for Real Madrid, but the script had booked a turn after the break which was a sequel with different actors. Thus, the Goddess Fortuna wanted Benzema, substitute and came on 64 minutes on their land receiving a standing ovation which was once his swollen, Real Madrid scored the goal in the first ball he touched. But Lyon would tie six minutes from time through Gomis to leave open the hope for the return leg.

Mourinho gave to presume trivote to form with the usual lineup. Thus, Di Maria was heading and it was a mistake, because although the end Argentina did not have much presence in attack, the bottom fell out in the collective work. The novelty was the inclusion of Arbeloa at left-back at the expense of Marcelo, who watched the game from the bench Mourinho aware of the danger of the French team for the band, which formed starting Delgado Bastos left foot and right to change rapidly as the Brazilian operates best in its natural site. Along with Cissokho, was a constant threat to Sergio Ramos, who was firm in his paper.

He said the party was different in each of its parts, and the first was for the locals. Lyon was the best and held off Real Madrid thanks to a great pressure on all its lines. Real Madrid was carried away by the rush and found it difficult to thread a rally with more than two touches in the attacking half. With his players too far apart, it was customary to see how the player receiving the ball quickly found a rival pressure forces to use the dribble before the pass, so turnovers were a constant.

However, the danger of Lyon arrivals to the area of Casillas were counted, the most dangerous on a poor clearance from Casillas and amended with a great stretch when Gomis was about to seize the loose ball. For its part, the first shot of Madrid did not arrive until 29 minutes with a shot shy Di Maria, but the most dangerous moments come later with a free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo Lloris fully cleared after a dangerous boat. The Portuguese was the biggest tried, with very secure and Adebayor Özil fajándose with power without creating danger. This led to the end of the first 45 minutes with the French team than Spanish.

But the tide changed in the second half and would not begging. First, Bastos was a yellow that will prevent him playing around. Sensitive low for Puel. And soon after the siege. Brief but intense. First there was Christian, with a free-kick that looked like it went high and came down to find the post, and then a header from Sergio Ramos beat Lloris but not the crossbar. Lyon had escaped alive. The French team no longer carried the suffocating pressure of the first half, which is that the physical must be important. The Madrid played looser and Xabi Alonso began to see the ball, and that the Madrid grateful.

Reached 63 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo launched a fault-Gourcuff who finds it hard to be relevant outside of the Ligue 1 - cleared within the barrier area from the elbow to protect his face. Involuntary, but altered the trajectory of the ball so the referee should whistle penalty. Benzema came a minute later by Adebayor and another later received the ball after combination with Özil Cristiano, who appeared at the right time to beat Lloris after a good move and a shot in singleton that slipped between the legs of French goal score the first goal for Madrid in Gerland.

Changes came and went and Marcelo Lass by Khedira by Özil. Madrid had the game in his hands and caused little danger Lyon, but the team is not Gallic rival to rely and Sergio Ramos's failure to pull the offside trap was used by Gomis in 84 to set up tableson the scoreboard. In these circumstances it seems that Real lost more than won, but the result is positive for Real Madrid interest and overall game can be seen as just a draw. The return within seven days at the Santiago Bernabéu, where Real Madrid will seek to make the quarter after six years of absence.

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