Monday, 21 February 2011

El Diario As Photoshop strip to climb another step in his campaign antibarcelonista

as_photoshop.jpg Readers curious, those who seek information and opinion fleeing partisanship and economic interests, we are more than accustomed to the embarrassment of Alfredo Relaño and villarato-apocalyptic spiral. Get to the point their sense antiblaugrana days in the Champions League does not spend even ten minutes from the end of the Barca game on your website without highlighting any move that benefited the Catalans. In Champions League, where it is assumed that a Spanish newspaper should support all Spanish teams!

It seemed that his newspaper Relaño and somewhat surprised us, because unfortunately we're so accustomed to their miseries as the covers of Mark or Sport, examples of bad journalism that Relaño repudiated not long ago. However, what he has done in its print edition As of today, Monday 21 February, is simply the culmination of all the nonsense, one level on the mountain of dirt in which your newspaper has become. The images at the top of this post illustrate the shame of which I speak.

In the print edition published the photo above, which, miracle of Photoshop, they magically disappear defender Athletic Club whose position questioned whether Barca's first goal was preceded by an off-game for Alves I still offside. Where is the defense that does appear in the image below? Disappeared, erasing the image with a bit of green paint in Photoshop.

Now on the Web As a small box appears with the two images and a brief statement in which they apologize and blame the case of an error infographic. It is true that computer graphics are wrong, that by putting the name of Villa just above the head of Messi. But remove the element that would deny or at least cast doubt on his theory that the first goal of Barcelona is another case of villarato, not a failure of computer graphics: it is an act that is done deliberately to mislead readers , who has so little respect that they must believe they do not read other press releases or watching TV, and what they say from his pulpit on villarato apocalypse will blindly believed by his parishioners more Ronceros .

What they have done this time and goes from brown to dark. And the truth is that I wonder if the club would issue a formal complaint or denounce it, but possibly the best we can do is not give Relaño ball because it is true that there is no greater contempt than no appreciation. At least, I hope the newspaper associations, both at Madrid and state censure an act as despicable as he has done tonight Aires Journal

PS. Thanks to billycorgan for the warning.
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