Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Do you have chances in the league Real Madrid?

Another year target for Real Madrid? The set of Mourinho has been seven points behind leaders Barcelona in the Spanish league classification. Averaging half of the tournament, is it possible that Real Madrid will have no chance of being champion?

Until the end of the first lap everything was even, just one point separated the Real Madrid (which used to be League pointer early in the season) and Barcelona. But Guardiola is set up to force maintained by a landslide victories, while Mourinho's faltered in recent days ceding territory.

To make matters worse, the front of the white set does not pass through its best: Cristiano Ronaldo is not having the scoring rate that used to have in the first half of the league, Higuain is injured, Benzema is always an unknown. Emmanuel Adebayor arrives to make a positive contribution, but lacks top football.

With this scenario, can the team turn things Mou for the League crown when finished? The word, dear readers, have you.

Image: Ace

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