Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Diego Forlan, making friends

Disrespect to the fans, I am not swollen red and white. Just kiss the badge of Peñarol and Uruguay "
Diego Forlan, on Radio Marca

Where is the limit of sincerity? Arabic proverb says, known to almost everyone, "do not open your mouth if you're not sure what you say is more beautiful than silence." For more beautiful than silence do not know, but as a kick in the testicles maybe I will have laid the last words of Diego Forlan. Fuel to the monkey, which is made of rubber, have thought. And rubber bit. Interestingly, when days ago, I complained about the ease speaking of those who command top-football fans tonight on TV Brand Enrique Cerezo is currently reviewing the red and white ", to Forlan, who is more out than in and knows that this will his last season as athletic player, can not think of anything to say that if you do not kiss the badge is for education. Olé he and his respect. In his words is clear, therefore, a boat soon, he is not fond of athletics and, therefore, why kiss the badge of the team that pays him and in which, possibly, most enjoyed about titles, as held in Manchester on the bench and in the Intertoto Villarreal achieved. We forget that the transfer market was closed yesterday and if you want to go, let him say so openly as he does when he speaks of kisses. But that does not open his lips to say something less beautiful than silence.

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