Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dani Aranzubía, head to History


The joy I felt not reached with no stops "

Dani Aranzubía , goalkeeper of Deportivo de La Coruña

Dani Aranzubía registered its name in Spanish football history in 95 minutes of the match he faced on Sunday to Liverpool FC and Deportivo de La Coruña. A few minutes earlier, with Espanyol fell watching the last grains of sand clock, Logroño goalkeeper rose to finish off a corner, as many porters when your team loses by one goal and barely have time. The local defense failed to clear and good Dani had no choice but to go back in a flash - to smoke in stone, we would say in Galicia, to its goal. The attempt at counter-attack came to nothing Almeria and Deportivo had before it a penultimate ball to his goalkeeper, the best long snapper in the league, brought himself to the pot.

The p'arriba Badabung was eventually cleared for a corner by the red and white and defense, and put in garlic, Aranzubía climbed back into the auction. As he himself acknowledged later, with their rise, but the auction, sought to create a little confusion at the back of Almeria. Pablo Álvarez took it the corner-a measure in feet of the players of Deportivo is not the most usual, despite having the big head specialists, Diego Alves went wrong, was blocked by a tangle of players and the ball flew to the head of Aranzubía, who knew the place well head to end housing the ball into the net, make the tie and place in history in its own right.

Both Aranzubía The first goal is achieved by a goalkeeper in the Spanish league without a release of pieces. Until this weekend there were five porters who had scored at least one goal in our league: the pioneer was Santamaria, Racing, he scored a goal against Atletico Madrid in 1976, then came Fenoy (who once scored six times), Chilavert (1), Pratt (2) and Nacho Gonzalez (6). All of them were able to direct free from the penalty spot, so, as we said, Aranzubía was the first that has been participating in a rally.

The goal keeper Rioja us back inevitably to two records. The closest the Andrés Palop, who in the last minute of the second leg of the UEFA 2006-07 he played for Sevilla against Shakhtar Donest, scored a header at the exit of a corner to tie the tie, allowing Chevanton classified in overtime to Seville, which would end up winning the UEFA Espanyol. The other memory is that of Jacques Songo'o, Cameroonian goalkeeper that won the League EuroDépor 99-00 and cousin of Eddie Murphy. In his first season in the field of birds, Songo'o managed a header perfectly legal which would have the tie to one, but the referee was not overturned by a nonexistent missing goalkeeper adamant.

Palop did know what to do when he scored the goal, took off running, arms up, letting the adrenaline that he had shot draw in extremis. But he failed Aranzubía to celebrate the goal in any way and, before he could react, all his companions jumped him to give a capon with cries of "scorer" and similar occurrences. He himself acknowledged:

At that time I did not expect anything from the head. Absolutely nothing. I have the image of the auction, but until I saw the pictures did not know what had happened in the celebration. It was a beautiful moment ...

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