Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The children come from Paris but go to London

The British capital welcomed a new child. This does not come from Paris and Barcelona stork but air. Neither comes with a loaf under his arm but with a € 350,000 contract. That is the amount charged the club for the transfer of Jon Miquel Toral, who at 16 is one of the most promising cadets Barca quarry. Toral change the pa amb tomàquet the fish 'n' chips. The Spanish league the Premier League competition which has always dreamed of playing.

Arsenal repeats the move. As in Wednesday's comeback at the Emirates Stadium, the Gunners are back more savvy. At Barça must be faced fools. First they take away a game they had in the sack and five days later, take one of its most precocious talent. The same play eight years ago when they signed a very young Cesc Fabregas looks bracelet today and beard. Coincidences of life, Toral on the right of Cesc at the end of the ad present and future of the Spanish team . Coincidence premonitory or success of Nike's publicists, who were ahead of events?

Like Cesc, the cadet Toral midfielder took the demarcation. Specifically, as the territory moves to the left. Say, very classy. Convened by the selection Sub16, Jon Toral is a technically gifted player with good passing and ball control, profile so beloved Wenger. In Barcelona Barça call it DNA. As if the touch football decree was reserved by nature, and exclusive, the Catalans players. Must be why the natural science books chromosomes come in red and blue.

Forged in La Masia, Jon Miquel Toral Harper has blood on her mother's English. With it will fly in June due to North London to fulfill his desire to play in the Premiership. A wish has been respected by the board Barca 350,000 euros entering training concepts. Toral, who came from EU Barri Santes Creus, farewell to the team which has been polished over four seasons. Some see in this episode triggered a Cold War between Arsenal and Barcelona, two clubs with a very similar philosophy club.
Jon Miquel Toral
The fact is that Barça flirting summer Fabregas not sit well in the environment gunner. Let alone the joke made in Gerard Pique to put the Barça shirt to Cesc, when they celebrated the World Cup with Spain. Last Wednesday, the fans of the Catalans Emirates stung the chorus of "We've got Fabregas, we've got Fabregas" . It would not be surprising then that the march would serve to heat Toral round knockout at the Camp Nou. At least by the English press , with more sensational than the Spanish tradition, which is saying. Unfortunately, Relaño, Inda and company strive each day to catch up with the British tabloids.

Surely Jon Toral is not the last pearl to migrate to the Premier, a very attractive destination for young talent eager to grow. Arsène Wenger wanted to be with a second youth squad, Sergi Samper, but he opted to continue in Catalonia. There is a previous post, Fabregas: the Ignasi Miquel , a captain in the reserve team behind Arsenal. Ignasi, 18, arrived in 2008 to London from the Cornellà entity before the quarry culé passed. Often trains with the first team, making his debut just days ago in the FA Cup The Catalan Central played the 90 minutes against Leyton Orient

A collation of Toral, Ignasi Miquel himself acknowledged a few hours at the microphones of RAC 1 that "coming to Arsenal is a good idea." As the club, Wenger's team works very well the quarry and provides opportunities for team players, he said. If we add the ability to play, if not better, in one of the best leagues in Europe, there is no room for doubt. "Mom, I'm going to London." "Well done, son. When you get tired you can always return to Barcelona for a bundle, such as Cesc that. " Even if in the future must play-off to Toral, just help your representative is Pere Guardiola, Pep brother. Guardiola then telling that he has not gone to London also, of course.

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