Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chelsea Anelka lights with two goals

Nicolas Anelka has guided his colleagues toward a knockout round quite easily. Chelsea have one foot in the quarterfinals after winning with solvency in the Parken Stadion. All thanks to two goals from French striker, who has shed some light on the entity chaired by Roman Abramovich. Questioned in recent days, Carlo Ancelotti has found flashes of Anelka way out of the tunnel. Chelsea can still fight for a title this season. And that is none other than the Champions League trophy is not yet in their windows.

Anelka has been the absolute reference in attack. Dangerous and lucid, has defined a charm when you turned 16 minutes into the game. Failure Jesper Gronkjaer's pass in midfield and the ball reaching the striker's boots France. Anelka leads to unopposed into the area where, with a move out, find the space to beat Wiland below. Antonsson is pulled but nothing can be done to divert the path cross the ball. Ancelotti's men superiority goals translated into more of which might be expected.

Neither the removal of the FA Cup or 4 degrees below zero have played against the Londoners, clearly dominating the game. Chelsea instability and euphoria in the environment predisposed rival played a scenario. With the blues favorites and a seasoned Copenhagen, grown on home soil. At a press conference, Gronkjaer was confident of a surprise to the man who was his former club. In the yard, that confidence was conspicuous by its absence. Danish end unrecognizable state, with little presence even in the few dangerous moments of his team.

The hosts started strong, very hard. Pressing up and trying to speed its main mechanism offensive. Stale Solbakken had designed a party for the backlash. An action that made them strong in the group stage, which drew 1-1 with Barca. The Copenhagen is a fairly physical, very quickly, usually find their best release through the bands. But in this case the lack of competition has been decisive. The Danish Superliga champions finished the season in December, since then have played more games than the preseason. That would explain the weak resistance that has found the Chelsea Fernando Torres.

El Niño has failed to score in European release but has signed a creditable performance. The former Liverpool earnestly sought the rival goal, first offering and unchecked to Lampard's ball. Then, trying for its own account. Their mobility and predicted delivery goal sooner or later. The same issue that cost him a yellow card for a foul precipitated Bolaños, when this came out on the counter on the right.

Torres has had on their feet as four clear chances to score. But in the last mile has missed the speed of execution that did have Anelka in the 2-0. The Gallic international controlled a pass to Lampard area for, leaving no time to your bookmarks, sending a ball low to the stick opposite of Wiland. It was 54 minutes and Ancelotti was sentenced leg. At 72, Carlo pulled the scorer of the night to usher in Drogba, who is said to leave London at the end of the season.

The Copenhagen pressed a bit before the final whistle but not much believe it. Their arrivals were repeated at centers high output easy to Cech. The Czech Republic's goalkeeper caught without problems, over and over again, no problems, the last attempts of the premises. Thus concluded the first leg of second round at the Parken Stadion. With Chelsea almost qualified for the next round. While not in a favorable situation for the return thanks to two goals from Anelka. Two goals important to self-esteem of the blue, which are determined to makeTournament for Champions. They have no.

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