Wednesday, 9 February 2011

But just the other Spanish team


Good progress that we saw in the friendly in Guadalajara. Advancement of Spain - Colombia but mostly what we see in the European U21 June . A selection of young talent, some fixed category and even in their respective teams in the Primera. Dani Parejo, Ander Herrera or world champion, Javi Martinez. And others, like Dídac or Muniain Vilà, who today played his first game with the Rojita.

Spain has prevailed by 2 goals to 1 against Denmark in the pressure strong but harmless in the game. The Danes had many difficulties to hold possession. That's when I got the ball, which was almost never. The only danger came from somewhere in the first half and action set pieces then, in trying to exploit their power at the top. There has been a party to frame, but has been a good game of combined Spanish with some names stand out.

I'd go with the sensational debut of Dídac Vilà. The Mataronense has been one of the novelties in the list of Luis Milla. The coach had to be very satisfied with the performance of the new addition rossonera. It was time to bring new blood Milan a squad is older. I have no doubt that if the former Espanyol minutes will have a good season with his new team. More like the Italian championship, where defenders often have a prominent role. No shortage conditions.

Dídac entered at half time by Alvaro Dominguez, who has had a fairly quiet performance. Only a rise in the left wing of the mattress, which ended with a chute powerful but not between the sticks. Dídac been known to give more depth to the left. A depth that has not given the Barca Montoya, who also made his debut with the under-21. The Barcelona winger's Baby, untouchable rotations Luis Enrique, has barely participated in the attack on the right wing. Displaying posed no danger that Denmark should have tried more splittings with Capel. It has proved a couple of occasions they have finished with the interior of Almeria, destabilizing the core funnel.

In the first half, Spain came through the passes of Thiago Alcantara. Mazinho's son has given a workshop not a master of playing football. I am not referring to details and filigree that has left the field, and are always enjoyable to watch. Thiago has done nothing but play nice. She has carried the ball from side to side, has found increases Capel and masterfully led a counterattack that should have ended in a goal from Adrian. Has made a very complete first part, which has seen a recovery Thiago employee turnovers.

In the second half, could have scored after Iker Muniain match, which went into half time with Ander Herrera. Athletic Pearl has passed with his debut with the combination of Milla. Muniain took the opportunity to give glimpses of his talent and knowledge with what will be his new partner next season: Ander Herrera. Both were easily supported by Vilà Dídac raids. In fact, most of the game in the second half is concentrated on the left wing.

Muniain well understood to Bojan, who has not been very successful. Active in the first half, when he looked Linyola with the confidence that is not in the Camp Nou. Faced and tested rather than the club, but with the same result. In the 60th minute left the grass Nsue, scored the first goal after five minutes of leaving. He has not been as participatory as Bojan but has taken advantage of the first ball that fell. It was a great pass from Anderson Herrera, leaving him alone with the goalie. Zaragoza attended with a lob to mark Nsue Vaseline.

Soon, Bille Nielsen put the tie to finish off a cross from the right. Not content with dial, forwardVillarreal B went to celebrate in the hills of Victor Ruiz. The center of Naples, entered the challenge and gave it a slap in the face that cost him the red. But even with a man less, equal the score was soon broken.

In 76 came the second goal for Spain after a move that starts with Muniain Thiago Montoya to the center. Spiking, Ander Herrera, who made a lot of control and ends at the back of the net. The perfect play to illustrate the style of this selection is both similar to the absolute. Possession, combination play and talent, a lot of talent in midfield. With Thiago, Parejo and future society Athletic Muniain, Ander Javi Herrera and Martínez omnipresent. I will not deny that the game was boring in some places. But the Danes have given the intensity of a competitive game and that has helped them see a good test for the European Championship in Denmark, which give access to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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