Saturday, 26 February 2011

Break a lance for Fran Merida

274px-fran_merida.jpg Fran Merida arrived last summer to Atletico Madrid with label creative player as a possible solution to the problems rojiblancos in midfield. And the truth is that the young player has quality. However, it is curious that has not had the prominence it should, despite the lack of game developers which vitiates the whole of Madrid. An evil that dragged on for years. Many distrust the ability of former Arsenal but I'm going to break a lance for the Catalan midfielder. And, despite this lack of continuity and confidence of Quique Sanchez Flores, his coach, has shown that one of the few players able to find the depth to approach and leave benefit to a colleague with a pass.

In just reminds me of the Jury. Not that resemble both football: the Sanlúcar is faster and destabilizing while Merida plays more head than the physical. But Atletico both have had to sacrifice his natural position, either to delay their place in the lopsided playing field well for a band. When played as a midfielder Jurado Atletico suffered enough for his turnovers involving dangerous counterattacks, however, when it became more about the playmaker was a relief to the attack with his passing, his admitted and even their goals. Especially when Quique gambled on playing a lone striker, an ideal system for Cadiz.

Fran Merida A similar thing happens. The band will not work because it has the speed to that district and in the double pivot is a danger to accompany a colleague Paulo Assuncao more offensive. There is evidence that Portuguese is not the same in this frame of mind and Atletico midfielder suffered heavily. Although it may seem, the former Porto is a bulldog of which are so fashionable and is not able to cover himself the defensive side. Still, it is revealing that Fran Merida, the more forward player team play, not part of Quique scheme of one form or another. Given that the attack mattress is not the other years, which is not indisputable Forlan and spare no guarantees, Benitez should have opted for the young midfielder in the playmaker.

The feel of Atletico with two defensive midfielders is safer if a third man supports the work of creation from the midfielder. Consider that all of the Ribera del Manzanares has serious problems in the circulation of the ball, which does not reach the zone edge in an advantageous position but staggered to his front, after passing through the feet of Raul Garcia, Mario Suarez and Tiago, who also is a gifted player really valid in this regard. So any hint of a different player is encouraging as with Koke (but not Elijah, another Cleber Santana), and Fran Merida is precisely why it should be a fixture in the Atlético de Madrid.

However, we must be aware that this is a very young player-slash-21 years and has much time left, why the amateur mattress still do not have to be impatient. Merida has the qualities to be a decisive player but they have to place trust in him and place him in a proper context, within a framework that can yield optimal. With Atletico in the League has participated in 16 games, 10 as an alternate and 6 as a starter, but the Catalan only has played in his natural position. In fact, when he jumped off the bench almost always have to play 80 minutes circling the band, replacing Reyes and Simao, and often as interim relief.

Lately the game was still in the starting lineup, but after losing 2-3 to the Valencia game that started and replaced by Juanfran (band) in 63 minutes - Merida has not returned a call to enter . Quique him out in Zaragoza and today, against Sevilla, it has not been part of the list. Benitez himself acknowledges that Fran Merida can be a major player in the future to Atletico Madrid, but I am convinced that this role must be granted, RIEF giving the power in the construction of game n> And not have it on more staff as a replacement for a position that is not theirs. Quality is more than enough and, although improving in many aspects, Mérida can and should be a regular player, at least in this athlete needs of creativity, yes.

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