Monday, 7 February 2011

Bojan Krkic: "lion's tail or head of a mouse?

Within this sea of vibrant yet calm that is FC Barcelona, a man pursued by a cloud, installed on his head, not over water it stops. There is a stormy downpour, but rather a calabobos that does not stop, a thin and light drizzle at first does not seem to get wet a lot and when you want to realize you have drenched.

Bojan Krkic has been gone cold in the body. It has a cold feed back whose main symptoms: lack of goal and lack of minutes. Match days are usually lifted with a renewed spirit but a night after lying down while others are just slightly worse than when he awoke. Little by little, game by game, he has been embedding a little pain in the chest that is blocked each time growing with every ball that does not come with every dribble that comes out ... And so it was only a cold if not tackled in time, can end up being worse.

The contrast between the applause and cheers to Peter as he left the field in the match against Atletico with silent majority against the entry of Bojan Noi summarizes the history of the Age Linyola Guardiola. We heard some applause, as not without some whistles, but most people who clapped and chanted the canary fell silent when the re-introduction to lawn. Being whistled feel bad, because it means that the public is not happy with, but at least it shows that people expect more from you. In contrast, silence denotes even more negative feelings, such as indifference or lack of expectations.

With only 20 years, will turn 21 in August, "Bojan has a long career ahead. But after a dramatic landing in the elite with only 17 years since Guardiola is on the bench, Bojan has spent more time sitting at his side play. The first year was overshadowed by a Pep Henry who gave the player a lot of rope that had been (and he thought he could still be). The second-year forward Peter lived as the right (although the last two months after the downturn played very end of the relationship between Ibrahimovic and The Philosopher). And this year the rapid adaptation of Villa has returned to close the doors. It is true that twenty years old still has a great future but it is also true that two plus years playing little or very little progression they cut anyone.

Your future is in your hands and your coach. Guardiola was taken as a personal goal to help Bojan final leap, but no doubt always will the team's interests ahead. He knows what it is to get the first team from the bottom and stay there, at the gates of confirmation, until one day you no choice but to take the suitcases come to my head a contemporary, as Roger or De la Peña.

Talk about having patience is easy, but having it really is not that simple. Bojan can come to some positive examples, such as Andrés Iniesta. With 22 years was an understudy in that 2006 Champions League final in Paris and in the World Cup only played the third game of the group stage (when Spain had already signed the pass to the knockout). What's more, the following season, which turned twenty-three spring, was still far from being a permanent fixture of the computer that Deco and Ronaldinho started their decline as footballers. By then even the most optimistic about the potential Iniesta could imagine who would be Don Andrés four years later. Of course, every case has its particular history, Iniesta became the first team to twenty years and that age Bojan already beginning to regret the time warming the bench at the Camp Nou.

When you finish this season, Bojan will face a key question for his career. As you have played, how important is sense and the expectations you have for the next year, will have to decide whether to continue trying to make a gap between Olympus Blaugrana or whether to seek an opportunity to march out of Barça. Loan could leave, which is what most people think in retrospect I should have done this year or earlier, which would step aside without abandonrlintend to return to the path of the Camp Nou. Or it could end up being traded to another team, which, at the level that the Blaugrana are not denying that is a step backwards. But there are times in life that one has no choice to decide whether he prefers to be a lion's tail or head of a mouse.

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