Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bipolar media, protection times

srvr.jpg Journalism should never have lost its nature illuminating the foliage of a chore routine and vicious, they stay here, among companies, has been stigmatized by the simplistic view of man. We are facing the culture of yes or no, the polarization of thought. Many journalists, with essentially bipolar brains and keys, create deify the profession with great skill and ability dramatic effect-not realizing that what they do, in fact, is plunged into journalism in poverty, diminish any discussion with or without base, sending him to an inevitable death from extreme temperatures.

We hear talk of pluralism of information and we were crazy. Certainly it is a costume that has eaten the skin of journalism, which more than a casual proclamation is a theater and strictly formalized. Adventitious goods are in this profession! For two cameras if both, although with different perspectives, focus the same thing. Sports journalism and Spanish football in good health in this regard. We live in a stressful situation, we see a dynamic in which the two big Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona, are subject to a permanent confrontation analytical media with more intensity than ever.

The problem is that not only serious issues but also rival platitudes. And, moreover, any relevant analysis is tinted, and the findings, self-conscious at such a colorful spectacle. Who is the better coach, Mourinho or Guardiola? And the best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi? What is more beautiful coat, what grass is more careful, what players are sexy and best star in ads? This polarization continues, sometimes absurd and sometimes not so, he develops weak structures of thought, fans and readers (receivers) automatons unable to internalize concepts that are beyond the dualistic theory according to which Madrid and Barca are necessary and eternal principles.

For these same reasons, there are closed debates seem destined to die even if it threatens to escape these limits. Because, for example, what matters is to discuss, analyze, discuss, ask which player is hardest hit by the opponents: Christian or Messi? Statistics are not enough, not enough to tell who gets more fouls, what really matters is how often those who prey more? Of course, minds trained in bipolar terms, ignoring the nature of the question-victimization may even draw a conclusion on this question: the more stick, that's the best player in the world.

A game in hand, dialectical

This game also moves media about the complaints and allegations of the protagonists. Guardiola: "One day will hurt Messi" Mourinho: "A Christian Messi hit him a lot and no one plays" Chris: "If I say what I think Messi's faults, people will criticize me." Are quotes, some less natural and more distorted by the media than others, which are serving pintorreados journalistic discourses. But it turns out that neither the one nor the other is the hardest hit in this league, so when Luis Garcia, Espanyol, Mateu Lahoz asked if the issue would be pressured by the faults on Ronaldo, the striker responded with all the criteria the world: "Alley is the most gets failures."

With this data, bipolar reasoning would automatically valid after listed Alley Portuguese and Argentine, far from reality (Christian 8, and Leo is not known). The second in the list is Reyes, Atletico team whose star, Aguero, also knows what is down injured by a rival entries. Gurpegui caught him on Day 2 and Quique Sanchez said: "We refuse to complain about Aguero." That done, continue to complain, without going any further, losing to Valencia: "Al Reyes Kun and the burst in every game and nothing happens, who can say without being punished, they say, because we are in times of protection , to protect ours, "a clear allusion to the role of the media.

Is not exactly a team Atletico Madrid neglected in the mainstream media and Spanish sport, however, to remove these statements must be swallowed to YouTube press conference from his coach. The impact is notthe same as their characters do not belong to the bipolar field. Not to mention Munitis, Xabi Prieto, Piatti, Eliseu or Zurutuza. Everyone gets more than a Christian, though not talking here about quantity. We talked about journalism service helpful but not, of a machine to create characters, soap operas, love and hate, of threatening media swords that require always choose between two, of a profession that moves between the divine and the demonic, but frequently forgets earthly.

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