Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Barcelona Universal all

Camp Nou

What Quique Sanchez Flores said. "Barcelona is universal." The Barcelona is everyone's. Atletico coach has given up the total of the Barça football. And of course, to his genius. Messi has been the absolute protagonist. Hat-trick of Argentina. Leo has made, has thrown diagonal, has become unbalanced, has sought to peers and has even advocated as a winger.

It was one of the moments of the match. The 10 FC Barcelona has pursued a fellow Agüero carrerón down the left flank. He has stolen the ball and was dribbling Ujfalusi to a highway so subtle it was almost a caress. It not only gives and gets goals, also avoided. Operator Messi, Messi Messi defining and lateral. Three people at a time. Like the mystery of the Trinity.

Nobody knew how to explain what this chabal. The press room resembled the set of the Fourth Millennium. Disbelief and amazement among journalists who talked about "paranormal" to refer to the new top scorer. 24 goals in 22 games. Guardiola has been defined as a player "different." Quique, such as "Di Stefano XXI century."

With three goals, Messi Barca has made immortal. Or a little more immortal. Guardiola has gone down in history as the only team to 16 wins chains. Before the Madrid did Di Stefano, who remained at 15. They had to take 50 years for a team to overcome this epic. And it could only be Messi Barca. The club of all.

Because when trying to leave Atletico, Pedrito ran to press. Villa too. Iniesta and Xavi ran to help. Alves also. Everyone was running. Even with the 2-0. Even discounting all still pressing and shrinking spaces. So the mattress had nothing to scratch at the Camp Nou. The hosts quickly recovered the ball and set the tempo. A rhythm that only they can follow. Without being a great game Barca had no color.

Kun I tried but there was Abida l, one of the names of the party. The Frenchman went to court and took the ball judiciously. The truth is that its central adaptation is still surprising. At defensive performance we must add a clairvoyant in the output every time the ball goes over. Agüero insisted and threw a career but Abidal was faster.

Atletico started strong in pressure. Quique Forlan sacrificed in favor of a more defensive formation. The first ten minutes were very top. With the defense and the mean very close together, leaving few options in the combinations of FC Barcelona. But if neither Xavi and Iniesta are the way, is already constructed Messi to score a goal. The Flea led from the band to find the crescent. Diagonal typical Leo, which ended with a low shot. Minute 15 and 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Barca was playing and gradually threw behind Atletico. Fatigue began to be felt and containment became less intense. Villa looked for the goal with a chutarro that lost by the side of the goal. Soon, Pedrito De Gea could score but rejected. The Canaries lost a clear opportunity to equal the record of 7 days of Cruyff scoring. But this record could not be.

The 2-0 came on 28 minutes. In a nice triangulation Villa ended giving the final pass. Although He was in a position Guaje preferred auction go to Leo. Antonio Lopez did not intercept the ball well, that Messi picked to do the latter just before the goalkeeper.

In the second part was less football. Villa kept trying without success. Previously, Luis Filipe warned with a shot that brought the sticks Piqué. It was the clearest chance of the mattress, that they would not generate a sense of danger until stoppage time, with the game already decided. Messi put the 3-0 in minute 79, pushing the empty a shot of Villa De Gea had left for dead.

This team is unstoppable. Winning, beating people. Today a coach acknowledged his surprise at a team that is living history. The entire football team is still seen as the spraying figures. Barca all Quique said. That of all who love football. Tods Barca. That of all who are in the field. That of all records.

Photo | Nikko Lindqvist

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