Thursday, 3 February 2011

Barcelona and Real Madrid are the finalists in the Copa del Rey

real madrid barcelona Cup

After winning conclusively semifinal rivals, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the finalists in the Copa del Rey. Cup Final expected by all that grief in the main the protagonists Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the star of their respective clubs.

real madrid barcelona Cup

The first to get rid of his rival was the club that Almeria office and at home. With a team comprised of players from the bench, Barça strolled to a 0-3. Those in charge of putting the Pep Guardiola in the final were Adriano, Thiago and Afellay. With the 5-0 first-leg, the Catalans had virtually secured their place in the final, so this game was mere formality for them.

That if no substitute for being dropped the level to which the Barcelona football we have come, instead of yesterday gave the eleventh in size and put the classification in the pocket. Two finals in three years is a chilling figure we says a lot about Barcelona and its football.

real madrid barcelona Cup

On the other hand, the Madrid seemed to have it a bit more difficult as he stood opposite was the champion of the Cup but did not have to break Özil defense and score a goal, then that would be Adebayor who opens by placing the white casaquilla.

One more game in which the German figure is Mourinho's team. At this point the comparisons are inevitable and there are many who say that Özil makes a difference with or without the ball, while he looks CR7 only when present on the scoreboard. The strong defense of Sevilla I avoid most of the game approaches Real Madrid of the attackers, but the 81 minute opening goal and the rest is history.

Thus, the Barcelona and Real Madrid have sealed his move and have their ticket to the final of the Copa del Rey. The scenario to be played this meeting is defined in the next few days, but the most talked about so far is the Mestalla stadium. Anyway, just know that April 20 will see a great final.

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