Sunday, 13 February 2011

Barca makes two points in Gijón

Sporting has been close to the feat. David Barral's goal has been dreaming all the Molinón, celebrating the half as if the end of the game. Carrerón of Cadiz that exceeds Pique and defined with a satin chute adjusted to suit. 16 minutes and 1-0. A marker that the club has managed to draw with ten minutes to finish. And I stress achieved because the candidates seemed unthinkable.

The Catalans could not find a way to get to door. Bent on attack in the middle, and again clashed with the bolt Gijon. The Manolo Preciado has posed a tough match, uncomfortable, to which the club could not overcome. O has failed.

Milito, Mascherano and Afellay have left holder. Abidal and Busquets was left out. Peter also. Three important players, especially in midfield Busquets. Although for me the most notorious was that of Peter. Barca had forgotten about the bands, especially on the right. That plays a certain Daniel Alves, a Brazilian side that usually go pretty well and that today there were not giving him a lot of ball. Pedrito's entry in the second half has helped to address more idea. Although it was not enough. Villa's goal came at the 79, after a great pass from Messi. The Guaje has been defined as a real killer. With playfulness and talent, Villa beat Cuellar with a delicious jelly.

Things of football, the only goal as FC Barcelona has made an ex Gijon. "In the end, I will get hobby," he said after the game. The Spaniard was also the author of 1-0 when the Sporting visited the Nou Camp in Week 4. Yes, that game that gave so much to say. Mourinho criticized the alignment of Manolo Preciado, whom he accused of giving the party. The same has been allowed to earn about to beat a Barcelona intractable. Something that did not get criticized and then lost 5-0. Things football.

Preciado has fallen to Earth to Barca invincible. The record of 16 consecutive victories stays there, at 16. One more than the mythical mother of Di Stefano. Sporting has got a point but could have been three. Fate of Victor Valdes, who was very attentive when Peter and Pique then gave the ball in the area. In attacking the problems had to add turnovers in dangerous areas. The Catalans did not seem as plugged in as the locals. Should have the mind set in London, as his coach. Or was it a thing of the virus called Fifa? Guardiola rectified at half time and was out to Peter for Afellay, who was very lost. As Mascherano, who then moved to central defense with the departure of Keita.

Barca went all out in the second half but there was an inspired Cuéllar, which stopped in the first part a masterly foray Iniesta in the area. Sporting, who was poured into the containment, accusing the interplay fatigue and resented. Barca took command but still perfectly ordered Asturias. Everyone in his field, holding, dabbing the ball area and out to push the creation of the Catalans.

Messi came to receive the medium, Pedrito opened the field from the left and Alves started to have more prominence on the right. Barça game became faster than in the first half, where they made two, three, four touches before the pass. Sporting too before a fast was always well placed. After the goal for Villa, Bojan Guardiola got in a last arreón for the comeback. Barca had the 1-2 in a Messi cross chute that Peter could not shoot at goal.

In the end, distribution of points in Gijón. Draw it tastes Sporting glory for fighting for survival. Although Preciado lamented. Hopefully today's draw worth a little more, he commented in reference to the great work of his players. Barral not hide their happiness and recognized right at the end of the game, still in the grass, I expected a win Barca. Barca are now eight points behind Madrid. If the meringues win in Cornella-El Prat will go five. Many fans have said qu Catalansiran morning with the great rival. With no target, the other. Things football.

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