Thursday, 17 February 2011

Barca get a lesson

Pep Guardiola this week acknowledged what the numbers say: FC Barcelona not give anything right the first leg of the round. It costs the requirement reengancharse most competitive European tournament and seems to need him the ears of the wolf to get in power and fight for his survival. This night has shown that there had been fully learned the lesson and has received all a lesson. The famous aphorism of the Forgiver, the pay is a top of the Champions League.

Arsenal FC started better settled in the field and from the positional advantage he put a lot of intensity from minute 1. But shortly after having the boots first time Van Persie, Song he earned a yellow that condition the rest of the game, blocking force in his role as attack dog, yet cute bit of it. The tax rate for English was high, but just when the boat began to start playing, Messi had a face to face with Szczesny he missed but at least served to the Catalans will spend a good sack of pressure on Gunners. After that time the Blaugrana midfield began to mix and move to pass, were taking control, possession and carrying monopolizing the field the game you love.

Arsenal spent ten minutes without seeing goal and just when he returned to create a very dangerous time, the club said in a spot with a little other assistance born Villa Messi. The party did not lose pace in the moments after the goal, with clear opportunities for Pedro and Van Persie, but over the minute the club is fully seized of the ball and put the Londoners in their field. Insistently sought goal and had to find it on 37 minutes when he was ruled out for a shot from Messi play in the correct position. l knew rearm and Arsenal moved from the initial forward defense lines of two fairly close together near your area, which shows that Wenger did have the lesson: if you repeat the domain again last year, the order was not going crazy behind the ball, close tightly and hold the shower.

It felt good the rest of the English, that around the break came with the same enthusiasm than before. On the other hand, the club will not be reunited with himself and even the fourth time the Arsenal half his passes (and with greater effectiveness), Xavi and Iniesta failed to gain control of the situation and everything started to go wrong. In the midst of several shots from the Gunners, Pique saw a yellow on 58 minutes that will prevent him participating in the second leg. And Messi again shortly after having a couple of occasions, one of them mano a mano, but failed to break the evil eye cast him into Stanford Bridge in his debut in the Islands.

When there were just over twenty minutes, Guardiola and Wenger decided to move their benches. The former Villa replaced by Keita, seeking to shore up the midfield and stop pushing English, while the second got a Song Arshavin instead of looking for the goal and risking much by not closing a 19 year old we are talking about this weeks , Jack Wilshere. Only one of them found what he wanted: the French. Barca began to suffer a great time and even saw Bendtner enter another front, before Van Persie could forge a tie. The goal came on a ball to the back of the Dutch Piqué, low angle, with a gun burst at the near post. I'm not one who thinks that the first stick is always the goalie, because there are exceptions, but in this case, where no one was unmarked in the area in which he could intervene, Valdes was forced to close while the short stick and not made.

The draw spurred Arsenal, who took the first serious attempt to respond to Barca spirit gunner, to mount an excellent against the network that sent Arshavin, benefiting, among other things, that rise Alvesthe band with the lower fifth gear and in neutral. In just four minutes, the Arsenal was able to trace the game in the style of champions. Barca, who finished asking the time, has three companies ahead: the first and most urgent need is to revive to return to winning ways this weekend now that will receive more pressure from Madrid, the second is to trace the tie at the Camp Nou in three weeks, a task that will certainly not be easy, the third and last is the most important long term should take warning and do not forget that in the Champions one can not fall asleep because the minimum you mislead, will paint their faces.

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