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Arsenal youth no longer an excuse

Arsenal Scarf

Except for the Manchester Community Shield to Chelsea snatched a few months ago, tomorrow we will know the winner of the first game of the season in England that will leave the clash between Arsenal and Birmingham, which played the final of the Carling Cup, formerly known as Football League Cup and League Cup. Will be one of the important stops on the route of Arsenal this season that will have the opportunity to raise again a title which does not happen from the FA Cup in 2005, and end the aura that surrounds the whole team gunner young man who plays well and never win anything. With a group of players as seasoned and a great moment, it seems the time when Wenger's charges can take that step forward that always seems to resist.

Around the London club have been created in recent seasons a number of maxims and converted into topics by which the Arsenal is a team that plays good football, which provides opportunities for younger players and is a club with a strong philosophy , but in which the titles for a reason or other, never arrive.'s youth and limited experience of its players was the reason advanced to justify this step we have always failed to lift the title at stake, but not always Wenger was well and knows what it is to create a winning team, not in vain as Arsenal did with him in glowing players like Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Vieira, Kanu, Petit or Overmars.

By then it was a buyer club and the players came to be stars, but some far from his best level as Henry or Bergkamp, the old Highbury, but after those successes, Wenger began laying the groundwork for a new philosophy, in communion with club could not compete economically with other greats of the Premier, that young players would gain prominence at the expense of most recognizable players. This meant spending time in the training of these players, take a long-term and assume that the titles could not reach. The Arsenal is aware of this and has always blindly trust their manager, who idolizes the stands and requires no qualifications as may happen at other clubs.

But tomorrow has the chance to end that trend if they win at Birmingham in the final of the Carling, competition that has only won twice, most recently in 1993. It is considered a minor in comparison with the Premier or the FA Cup in the clubs often provide opportunities for young players, but a title After a season in which Arsenal is the most immediate Tracker leader in the Premiership, is present in the Cup and achieved a good result in the round of sixteen in Europe first and foremost a Barcelona.

A team that is giving his best performance

This season, the Gunners are offering the wicker best. The Arsenal is a team with young players, but the inexperience is no longer such. Can not say this Szczęsny or Wilshere , players who are virtually starting and despite this they are showing a great performance, or Koscielny, so young but with little international experience behind him, but if we look at the alignment of Arsenal their names are already well known to the world-class soccer.

Clichy and Sagna are two international sides, which have been pursued by large and who have spent years defending the flanks of the defense. A Squillaci is costing you enter, but his career at Monaco, Lyon and Seville is well wide. Djorou and Walcott, who alternate title to the bench, and played a World Cup four years ago and this time have been fighting for a place in the starting Wenger.

Song has been one of the fastest growing players in recent times and is important in the scheme of Arsenal for three seasons as is Cameroon. His deputy, Diaby, and estuopeetpresent with France in the last World Cup after two seasons in which it was regularly ranked in the England team. Cesc is one of the best players in the Premiership and European champions and the world with Spain. Nasri, after two seasons with chiaroscuro, has exploded this season and quality is assumed to be a reality.

Arshavin and Van Persie are two experienced players in their boots and, although the former will undermine its irregularity and the second injury, as is proven. The nine is a different matter, and that Van Persie, but effectively meet is not a striker, Bendtner is not an attacker to a class team and striker Chamakh is not waiting for the Emirates. Since the days of Henry and Adebayor scoring great season in 1907-1908 (24 league goals for Togo), suffers from the Arsenal striker.

So, the British team is facing its greatest challenge. Reaching this group of players already offer this performance is the result of work of recent years, but now they can take another step up as a title. Tomorrow could be the first, and probably until the end of fighting for one more season. If not, do not think it's a failure, but Arsenal could mean that something is missing to be a championship team, and youth will not be the reason.

Photo | Ronnie Macdonald
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